Telephone question realy but P/C related

  Ray5776 16:43 04 Jun 2008

Hi everyone,
can anyone help on this one please.

I am currently using talktalk as my service provider for phone & broadband.

What I would like to do is set up call barring to mobiles and premium rate numbers, preferably with the option of turning it off if required.

The line is supplied by BT although the rental is paid via talktalk.

I have put this question to talktalk and am awaiting a reply, it is not really in their interest to do this of course.

Can I do via BT?

I also understand that this can be done with a bit of hardware but don`t know what or where to get or if it will interfere with my ADSL access.

A little off the beaten track for this forum but any advice appreciated.

Thanks Ray

  crosstrainer 16:51 04 Jun 2008

I'm not sure if you can get call barring from BT if you are not with them....Think that would be a Talk Talk issue, but you can get the telephone preference service (blocks cold sales calls and other junk)

Lean on Talk Talk I think.

  Ray5776 16:58 04 Jun 2008

Thanks crosstrainer, I have the telephone preference
service which is very good but my point here is that I wish to block outgoing calls.


  Cockney Rebel 17:09 04 Jun 2008

Think you will have to go via your service provider to arrange call barring etc.They will then contact BT to do the necessary.

  Ray5776 17:19 04 Jun 2008

Thanks but why should they when they make their money from the calls I want to bar. Not sure of my standing here or lack of it hence the posting.


  jack 17:31 04 Jun 2008

BT confirmed that,my line was in order but to dropped me like a brick because the person is was calling was not their customer.
They had to contact their supplier to apply to BT to sort it.
This was a TalkTalk package I seem to recall.

  Stuartli 17:33 04 Jun 2008

TalkTalk's landline services are clearly detailed from My Account>Landline>Manage My Services.

You have to have a BT line to be able to use TalkTalk; CPW, in the majority of cases, has its own LLU equipment in BT exchanges and BT is, as usual in such setups, responsible only for the phone line from the exchange to your Master Socket.

You pay TalkTalk for line rental which, in turn, is then handed over to BT (no doubt with a small commission!)

  Ray5776 17:34 04 Jun 2008

Thanks jack but confusing.

  Stuartli 17:39 04 Jun 2008

You keep repeating this story.

It's to do with security.

BT or TalkTalk should discuss any problems with the actual customer and that is the reason a number of security questions have to be answered first.

If you are a TalkTalk or similar ISP customer who has to have a BT line to receive the service, then you always have to approach the supplier first who, in turn, takes the matter up with BT if necessary.

  Ray5776 17:54 04 Jun 2008

Hi Stuartli,
thanks for the response, the first thing I did was
My account>landline>manage my services as you suggest.
The on screen message I got read "Because you currently pay your line rental to another provider, we are unable to amend your calling features online.
please contact your current line rental provider to change your calling features or contact us to switch your line rental to talktalk"

This is the bit that I am having trouble with, as I pay talktalk for the line rental.


  Ray5776 18:09 04 Jun 2008

Any suggestions on a hardware solution anyone as I can see this going round and round in circles between BT & talktalk.


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