Telephone problem trying to use a recorder.

  bumpkin 19:43 04 Mar 2015

I bought a telephone recorder on Ebay a few months back but could never get it to work, I plugged the line in to the appropriate socket and the phone to the other. The phone was comletely dead as if not connected to anything. I tried another phone with the same result.I contacted the seller who said it was my fault and would not give a refund.

I bought another different one from another seller and now have the same problem. Cable from the Master socket to either phone works fine, if I try to put the recording device in line nothing works,neither of them worked at all from first connection not a fault that occured later, anyone got any ideas please.

  wee eddie 19:56 04 Mar 2015

What Model?

  lotvic 21:19 04 Mar 2015

Could it have something to do with the setting for pulse / tone ? Sometimes there is a switch to alter. (just guessing here - have a hazy memory of somesuch)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:20 04 Mar 2015

does it need power?

  Nontek 21:35 04 Mar 2015

A much cheaper, easier way by far, is to use a USB Voice Recorder from

Just switch it on and leave neard-by when using telephone, with telephone set on 'Hands-free' you will record the two way conversation.

I have done this with excellent results.

  Nontek 21:36 04 Mar 2015

Ooops - neard-by ... should be near-by!

  bumpkin 21:53 04 Mar 2015

wee eddie, some unamed thing from China for about £20 so I don't expect too much but neither of them work at all.

lotvic, I cannot see any switches on the units or the phones to change it.

Fruit Bat, they both need power and have been powered up by the supplied transformers.

Nontek, I do have one of those but not found it a lot of good as I want automatic recording of a reasonable quality when I pick up the phone.

Thanks to all but no further forward unfortunately.

  robin_x 22:03 04 Mar 2015

Well I have recorded a few calls in my time when pushed by evil people. But I wasn't quite up to 007's Q standard.

A computer modem port (Line-in) will listen to the telephone line with a suitavble cheap cable.

click here

But I wanted to be on the adjacent telephone and computer at the same time. So I needed a splitter.

click here

On the computer (or laptop) I started Sound Recorder when my test call from my mobile phone came through.

I remember having some shenigans with 30 sec or 2 min duration but extended recording is possible.

Or use a 3rd party Sound Recorder with a Line-in control.

Have a look at your sound card properties and volume controls etc.

It was all a bit of a faff to be honest but perfectly doable.

  robin_x 22:03 04 Mar 2015

If you want automatic stuff, I can't help. Sorry.

  robin_x 22:05 04 Mar 2015
  bumpkin 22:32 04 Mar 2015

My error in the above posting, the original one is USB powered and is supposed to record to the PC hard drive and requires software which I have on the supplied disk.

The recent one has a transformer and should record to a micro ssd.

Also found another fairly new and hardly used phone about 6mnths old so I will plough through a tiresome elimination process.

The thing that puzzles me most is that the phones I have tried so far which both work perfectly fine when plugged into the master socket are totally dead when plugged into either device whether they are USB or mains powered. They both have led's so I know they have power.

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