Telephone preference service

  jack 20:38 18 Apr 2008

I am registered with the above, and when I have received an unwanted call, been able to go on line to complete a form with the relevant details.

I have just tried to do so again - having got yet another call from Patrick - in Bangalore- trying to tell me about a telecom service.
This time however the site has been revamped and there appears to be no access to post a complaint.

Would this mean they have too much business coming their way?

click here

  VCR97 21:02 18 Apr 2008
  beeuuem 21:03 18 Apr 2008

http: //click here Isn't the TPS site.
Try click here

  €dstowe 22:03 18 Apr 2008

I doubt that Patrick, or anyone else, in Bangalore will take much notice of rules applied in the UK.

  eedcam 22:30 18 Apr 2008

The preference people can only reprimand companies who sign up an agreement with them not to make un requested calls.In other words virtually useless and a waste of time informing them

  Stuartli 23:57 18 Apr 2008

Not true.

UK companies have to abide by TPS rulings - the problem is that those overseas don't have the same constraints.

I registered with TPS five or six years ago and, during that time, cold calls very quickly dropped from several a week to one or two every few weeks (or months in recent times).

It's still very worthwhile signing up with TPS.

  Migwell 00:45 19 Apr 2008

On the very odd time I have had unwanted calls after being registered with TPS. All I have needed to do when a sales or other services call started, was to tell them that I was registered with TPS and they were off the line quicker than a speeding bullet.

They always seem scared to have found out that they have broken the TPS rules. I hardly ever get unwanted calls any more. Thank goodness, when they called they always seemed to call just as you were sitting down to start a meal.

  rdave13 00:57 19 Apr 2008

Agree with what you say. Even just trying to sit down for a meal. TPS works well enough though.
Unfortunately starting to get calls on my mobile now, that piece of annoying technology that I hardly use but for emergency's.
Can't win sometimes...

  BT 08:22 19 Apr 2008

I have been registered with TPS for several years and in general it works quite well.
My usual problem is with people who have my number for another reason.
I had touble with my bank a little while back who kept calling, insisting that the call was a servicing issue with my account when it was infact trying to get me to change to an account that charges a monthly fee. I made complaints to the bank's customer services dept., but still received further calls. When I told the caller that I had been assured that my account had been tagged not to receive these calls, I was told that it could take up to 8 WEEKS for this information to appear on their records, and that they couldn't see this information until they had logged in after they had called me. Needless to say further compliants to the Customer Services were made.

If I get marketing calls, I usually ask if they know what the TPS is, and that they are breaking the law by making such calls.

  jack 08:26 19 Apr 2008

The page indicated VCR97/beeuuem
Seemed to have eluded me.

I do agree that an oversea site would not concern itself with our rules - but it's UK client may well get a flea in its ear- because it is them who commission the calls.

TPS cannot stop I guess those unsolicited call from local business- who simply pick up the local directory and work through it.
But as indicated the the mere mention of TPS in a strong tone -shuts them up PDQ.

  laurie53 09:51 19 Apr 2008

I've been registered with TPS for many years and I still get several unwanted calls a week.

Like Jack says, local businesses simply work through the directory.

I have had those who have never heard of TPS and those who say "Oh, we're not registered with them as they're too restrictive"!

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