Telephone Numbers Programme

  Ancient Learner 14:48 03 Sep 2005

I had, and I do not know where it has gone - annoying - a free programme to get to a web site where a name etc would produce a telephone number.

Has anyone here any idea of this or a similar site please.

  Jackcoms 14:52 03 Sep 2005
  AndySD 14:57 03 Sep 2005

click here directory enquiries

  Ancient Learner 14:59 03 Sep 2005

Wonderful service. Thank you!

  Ancient Learner 15:01 03 Sep 2005

And AndySD and anyone else who manages to post in before I can 'tick'.

  pj123 16:13 03 Sep 2005

Jackcoms your link only list businesses not private persons.

AndySD, didn't work for me. Seems like it is hit and miss. I entered my daughters details (I know her telephone number) but it came up with lots of people with the same surname but nowhere near where my daughter lives (Croydon). I entered the first letter of the Postcode instead of the town and got "Sorry the number cannot be found"

Tried my son who lives in Caterham Surrey. Got results for Richmond, Whyteleafe, Coulsdon, South Croydon but no Caterham.

  Ancient Learner 16:25 03 Sep 2005

By some quirk in my mind, the first site led me to where I usually go, that I couldn't find - as I always say, old here

  Jackcoms 16:29 03 Sep 2005

"Jackcoms your link only list businesses not private persons".


However, Ancient Learner, who asked the original question, seemed happy enough according to his post of 14:59.

  rawprawn 16:33 03 Sep 2005

If you are a BT customer go to their web page click here ,Log in and use their Directory Enqiries.I think it still goes throgh 118500, but it works OK for me. I think you are allowed about 10 free searches a month.

  Ancient Learner 16:42 03 Sep 2005

I was. I was after a business number. Thank you.

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