Telephone number needed. can anyone help?

  [email protected] 22:42 11 Jan 2005

I desperately need the telephone number of plc Direct House, Wingates Industrial park, Westhoughton, Bolton

Due to an incorrect item being sent to me from, I need to contact them by phone. You would think this was not too difficult, you would be wrong.
So far as I can see ,NO telephone number is advertised anywhere on the web site nor in directory enquiries. Any contact can only be via a message from within their site under 'Contact us' and then it is a computer generated message and reply.
Can anyone help with a number that works ???

  Salinger 22:47 11 Jan 2005

Funny, but you appear to be right! They seem very coy about letting their phone no. loose.

click here

  Jeffers22 22:48 11 Jan 2005

01942 853000 0800 558866 All Departments; also 0870 4293220

Found these on

  paddy75 22:52 11 Jan 2005

Try this link,just scroll down.Hope this helps here

  paddy75 22:58 11 Jan 2005

Sorry it's on page 3.

  [email protected] 23:17 11 Jan 2005

Many thanks for the numbers given, I will try them tomorrow. I know for the fact that 08704293100 and 08704293220 dont get you through, they both finish up by just disconnecting you after telling you that Dabs can only be contacted by E mail
I will try the numbers you have given tomorrow and see how far I get. Again Many thanks JR

  sidecar sid 23:31 11 Jan 2005

0870 4293000

click here

  [email protected] 10:20 12 Jan 2005

Hi to all who have replied above. Just thought I would let you know that I have tried all the numbers given above and in every case the same automated answering machine reply is given saying that any enquiries are dealt with via E mail so what one does if the problem is about something that prevents the PC from working and therefore unable to send an E mail request, I do not know. Somewhere, somehow it must be possible to phone, but how ?? I do not know. Anyone live near 'Westhoughton Bolton' ????
regards JR

  Salinger 10:50 12 Jan 2005

Just a thought, if you can post here you should also be able to email?

  [email protected] 11:00 12 Jan 2005

i had this with some dvds,itried as you have with no joy so i contacted my bank to track down where the payment went, after getting a phone number from the card help line and following a bit of a paper trail, i ended up getting a really obscure answerphone message - to which i left a harsh message with reference to their omberdsmen-(?)half an hour later came the e-mail inc. a full refund and appology,the dvd's have since arrived and my account credited.
i had a similar problem while changing to broadband,it was B.T and a tracker preventing Virgin making my conection,weeks on the phone with no result-one call to B.T and a threat to call in OFCOM.-sorted.
Good luck in your persuits

  [email protected] 14:38 12 Jan 2005

Yes I can E mail with no problem whatsoever,however, the only way you can E mail is via their web site and the 'contactus' section. This produces a computer generated reply of no help whatsoever. They have sent me a returns number for the item before they will send the correct item that was ordered. PROBLEM :- cannot send item back due to now installed in PC and all operating system and information contained theron. ( I ordered a 160GB HD and they sent me a 40GB HD in a box that said it was the correct 160GB item ) in other words, it is their fault. What I want is the correct item before I do anything.

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