Telephone line test

  Migwell 20:25 01 Dec 2004

No telephone dial tone on my telephone line and the phones don't work but I am trying the broadband and it still seems to work. How can this be?

  Technotiger 20:28 01 Dec 2004

Hi, have you got a broadband filter between phone socket and pc (one filter for each phone, if more than one phone) or are you only using direct connection to phone socket?

  TomJerry 20:34 01 Dec 2004

I had this problem a month ago after heavy rain. BB is working, but phone is not, phoned BT and found problem in exchange and got sorted about two weeks

  Graham ® 20:40 01 Dec 2004

Yes, exchange fault. Dial 151 from another phone, follow prompts to enter your number and test line.

If reported tonight, chances are it will be fixed tomorrow.

  Migwell 23:43 01 Dec 2004

yes I know all that bit about reporting faults and I have. It turned out to be an exchange fault after BT had a look at it. But what I wanted to know was how, when the Telephone Line was and is Dead can I still use the broad band on the same line? The bit about filters: I have filters on both the phones in the bedroom and Hall also on the phone in my office and the BB is conected to that filter, whilst that is the correct way to do it I have also come across phones pluged straight into the phone line on an enabled BB line without ANY problem both to the phone or the BB conection.

BT claim that the fault will not be fixed until friday night, but in the mean time I have BB to contact the outside world.

  @[email protected]!c 23:50 01 Dec 2004

i have come across this prob before and it doesnt add up!! need a telephone line connection to get dsl and if phone line is down how the hell can the dsl signal be recieved....never mind ...another one for the boffins to figure out!! regards karl

  Simsy 05:56 02 Dec 2004

but I do know that for the phone line to work, a nominal 50 volts has to be provided along the line. This supplies the power for the telephone. (You can measure this with a meter across the line)

I suspect, (but don't know), that this is irrelevant as far a the ADSL gubbins is concerned...

hence a failure of the 50volt supply at the exchange, (blown fuse), would give theses symptons...

Perhaps, maybe

Or maybe not.



  steven_frost 09:48 02 Dec 2004

their is a 50v acroos the line and yes you can have the broadband without the phone working i had a problem were their was to much power on the line and caused my broadband to drop so i would guess to little is ok with broadband to much and its no good

  Graham ® 10:35 02 Dec 2004

In the exchange, your line is 'jumpered' to the ADSL equipment. The analogue 'Dial Tone' is 'jumpered' to the ADSL equipment.

Think of it like this : the line is now a broadband line. It will work on its own. The Dial Tone is added to it.

So if the Dial Tone jumper is dislodged, or the analogue equipment develops a fault, you still have broadband.

Such a fault is a piece of cake to rectify.

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