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  brindly 11:39 06 Nov 2011

I am at the moment experiencing problems with my phone line and broadband connection. Part of the problem could be that I could have a poor line quality somewhere. I have noise on thye line and the broadband connection keeps dropping off. TalkTalk are going to get an engineer to contact me because I have carried out all the tests they asked and still a problem. I have the standard BT master socket running from a small box inside my front door which obviously is the connection box for BT line in from outside and then there is a cable going to the master socket where I have used a splitter to run two lines out, one to a phone downstairs and the other to the router and phone upstairs. I would like to re wire the whole lot and start again with new cables but I have read I am not permitted to touch BTs socket. Do they mean the master socket or the little box inside the front door?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 06 Nov 2011

have you filters on all your line equipment, phones, answering machines, faxes and TV boxes?

A bad filter can cause problems

Disconnect each item until the noise disappears then when you find the item casuing the noise swap filers to see if that solves the problem

You can touch outgoing from master socket not incoming.

I connected a cable from the terminals in the master socket to the upstairs office.

  robin_x 12:51 06 Nov 2011

Strictly you shouldn't run routers from an extension. Mfrs and ISPs get arsey about it. (although I did for many years)

Also, in addition to Fruitbat's advice.

With only a phone plugged into your Master socket, is the line noisy (listen)?

Does the router work any better if you bring it downstairs and plug it in directly?

These days the ring wire is no longer used. Open the master socket and you will see

Pin 2 Blue/White

Pin 3 Orange/White

Pin 5 White/Blue

Pin 3 is ring and can be disconnected at each telephone point. All other wires/pins are normally unused.

Just keep 2 and 5.

You'll need a punch down tool if you want to remake new cables to most telephone outlet plates. You can get cheap plastic ones, but a proper one is best.

  brindly 12:57 06 Nov 2011

Yes I do have filters on the phone sockets and replace one with a new one which made no difference so went back to originals. I have disconnected all telephones one at a time, also removed the face plate of the master socket and pluged a phone into the plug inside, no change. I have a fax line from my printer so I disconnected that and completely removed one telephone still no change. TT did a line check; said that was ok, they also checked with BT about any work going on in my area, nothing. I had a look inside the small BT box inside by the front door and there are only two of the wires connected, they are connected to the line that runs to the master socket. I checked with BT about the cost of putting a new master socket in, £130 !! shock horror. I think I will go and get some new cable and a fitting kit and run new lines from the master socket; at least that will eliminate one section. One point though, I don't have a filter on the master socket only on the lene at the router end and one on the extention socket, each time I put one on the master socket it seems to make things worse, can't get online at all.

  robin_x 13:11 06 Nov 2011

Guide to filters. Seems Plusnet are cool with extension cables. (just a random link, I am with AOL)

Do note though that cables and extensions that are not twisted pair are more likely to pick up noise.

  onthelimit1 14:28 06 Nov 2011

If you remove the face plate of the master socket, plug in a phone and are getting noise, there IS a problem with the line (despite what TT say). In this situatuion, you have to be quite demanding as it costs TT to call out BT. I've had several people locally who have been in this position and each time, BT have eventually found a problem on the line that was causing the phone noise/internet dropouts.

  brindly 20:03 06 Nov 2011

Well I have done all the checkes asked, the one about taking the face plate off the master socket and pluging a phone directly into the socket that is hidden to the side, still noise on the line. The problem is sometimes the line is OK then suddenly it will go noisy again. The socket has been in since about 1984 and I have a slitter connected to make the two extensions, it has been working fine for years. A few weeks ago BT sent some engineers to raise the phone lines because of a health and safety issue, the had to disconnect ours because it ran through a tree and ther re connected it to the pole and asked if we had a dialing tone, that was it, some coincidence.

  robin_x 20:09 06 Nov 2011

The copper in old lines can be eroded due to water and electrolysis.

Repairing one line in a green box can easily lead to others having problems.

I would bet it needs redoing.

The only snag would be "No fault found" and a bill for £130

  brindly 11:11 07 Nov 2011

You are absolutely right, how will i know if they bare telling the truth. I have had another look at the wires in the setup and they don't correspond to to diagrams on the internet. I have solid colours, Orange, Blue, white, black, no stipes. The wires in the master socket-: (only 2) A.Terminal Blue and B.Terminal Brown. The socket is NT E5 evidently. The ext. orange and blue connected to terminal 4 and white to 3 and black to 2. So if I tried to re wire from the master socket to my two ext I wouldn't know which wires to put where! Ironically at the moment as you can see I am on the internet but who knows for how long, when i started it lasted 6 minutes so I have to grab the time when I can. My biggest worry is when we are doing our internet banking and the connection drops off. Hope the engineer finds something.

Thanks all for your interest and help.

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