Telephone engineer required.

  woodbury1 16:18 23 Aug 2007

Prior to obtaining broadband, I fitted a junction box in my loft enabling me to have an extra telephone extension in my house.

This was done by cutting the line into my loft from the pole, inserting a junction box, re-attaching the line to my main point and an addition cable to use as an extension in my study. This has worked well with as an additional telephone extension and also dial up internet connections.

Now I have broad band I have real problems with my ADSL signal, it has progressed from sporadic to none at all. IS THIS A FILTERING PROBLEM! How can I rescue this situation with employing a rather expensive BT engineer.

  Kate B 16:23 23 Aug 2007

I'm no expert but I guess you will need a BT engineer as it sounds like a bodge that you've got away with so far but which is showing its weakness now that you're using the line for broadband.

  heymin 16:35 23 Aug 2007

This setup sounds the same as mine and should work as long as you have filters fitted to each 'phone socket.

  mfletch 16:50 23 Aug 2007

Hi disconnect everything from your phone line and try a new adsl filter on one of the lines if it does not work try the other line,

Don't forget to disconnect the SKY box line if you have sky,


  umbongo(uk) 17:05 23 Aug 2007

does this help more

click here

or are you after the colour co ordination of the internal extension

click here
your internal may look diffrent as in you may have to push the corresponing wire into a grip slot instead of screw type
look close and youll see the corresponding number
1 to 6 ...........4 and 1 arnt used

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 23 Aug 2007

A master socket contains a 1.8µF capacitor to pass ringing current to the telephones, a surge arrestor 11A or 26A to suppress high voltage spikes.

Everything should be AFTER your main box.

Best bet now is to put your main box in the loft where you fitted the junction box, and run extensions to the other places you need phone equipment.

wiring A master socket contains a 1.8µF capacitor to pass ringing current to the telephones, a surge arrestor 11A or 26A to suppress high voltage spikes

  wee eddie 19:03 23 Aug 2007

some of the local Electricians. They may have ex-Telecom bods on their staff but the saving would not be that great.

a bigger risk is getting a flea in the ear from BT for fiddling with Company Property!

  Graham. 19:36 23 Aug 2007

Did the extension in the study ring on an incoming call?

Is this the extension you are using for broadband?

  howard64 19:51 23 Aug 2007

having fitted many systems I need a little more info in order to help you. 1. the first and only thing you should have coming in from the pole is a master socket. The modern master has a split front plate and when you undo the 2 small screws you can pull the lower part out. This then leaves the master socket. 2. Your internal wiring should be connected to this removable plate and not within the master itself. If you have not got this master as your first item this is probably your problem. 3. Once you have broadband you no longer need the ring wire [no.3 terminal] connected as the filter take over its duties. 4. You should only have wires in terminals 2 and 5 no others. This is throughout your complete installation. 5. Every slave socket and the master if using it for equipment must have a filter plugged in. 6. If I am reading your post correctly you have broken into the incoming cable and branched from it before the master. You will have to take out the junction box install a master and then connect your extensions to the removable front plate.

  Graham. 20:07 23 Aug 2007

Another wiring site:

click here

  namtas 20:09 23 Aug 2007

In a similar fashion to kate I am no expert but I have some experience and have a friend who works for BT. The telephone line into your home is BT property right up to the House Master Socket, on the outgoing side of this it becomes the user resonsibility , they BT maintain and repair up to the Master socket "This was done by cutting the line into my loft from the pole" BT are not very keen to find people bodging their systems, I should be very careful as you may well end up having your service suspended temporarily or else with a bill to replace a damaged service cable.

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