telephone convertor Spanish to UK

  [email protected] 11:11 23 Apr 2004

i am trying to use a uk machine in spain,evrything works except the ringer,i think their socket wiring is slightly different to ours,i there such thing as a convertor to go in a spanish socket and accept a uk plug.
any ideas folks

  €dstowe 11:16 23 Apr 2004

Dixons did sell a pack of international telephone converters at one time so they do exist. If you are in Spain at the moment, that's not much help but, can you try a Spanish computer shop/ telephone shop of something like that?


  [email protected] 11:36 23 Apr 2004

cheers €dstowe ,does it sound to you like this could be causing the phone to not ring.its got a line and you can talk to poeple on just wont ring

  billyliv 12:04 23 Apr 2004

Hi, Look very closely at your phone (On the sides and underneath), there may be a mute button or switch. Cheers, Bill

  €dstowe 13:25 23 Apr 2004

Not a phone technologist:) but I remember having a lot of trouble in the USA with a phone that wouldn't ring (but otherwise worked) and found out that although the phone system in NJ was digital, the ringing was analogue (or something like that) and it never did work properly. I bought a US phone and all was well. The only reason I wanted to keep my own phone was because it had a lot of numbers in its memory which I realised when I was there that I couldn't use as the dialing codes were different - thick or what??????????????


  [email protected] 18:44 25 Apr 2004

cot a convertor off ebay,thanx nyway folks

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