Telephone Calls from the "Windows Technical Centre"

  thegreypanther 17:47 01 Apr 2012

Once again I have received a couple of telephone calls from the "Windows Technical Centre". These calls invite me to partake of their help, as a registered user of Windows, in getting my PC to perform better etc. etc. if I would just sit in front of my PC....... The people on the other end of the phone have heavy foreign accents (Indian?).

Immediately I assume that this is just a scam, and cut the phone calls short.

BUT..... What really worries me is that these calls have been made before and on the previous occasion, as on the most recent occasion, my PC being sorted out by my local PC repair shop after assorted failures.

Is it at all possible that the scam telephone calls and my PC breakdowns are somehow related?

I run Norton Internet Security and regularly scan using Anti-Malware Bytes. I have never detected any viruses, trojans, or malware. But I feel increasingly concerned that these scam telephone calls might somehow not be completely out of the blue.

Is there any other experience among PC users of these (scam?) phone calls from the "Windows Technical Centre"?

  rdave13 17:59 01 Apr 2012

Had one the other day. Nowt to do with your PC's repair. When they 'phone me I can't help but laugh, then the phone goes dead for some reason.

  ams4127 18:31 01 Apr 2012

I've had a few of them during the past year.

Depending on how bored I am at the moment the call comes in, I will either string them along for as long as I can or simply hang up.

  SB23 18:40 01 Apr 2012

My parents get these calls and they don't own a pc. Work that one out.

  Forum Editor 18:54 01 Apr 2012

Ignore these calls, and stop worrying. Just hang up when one occurs.

  theDarkness 22:34 01 Apr 2012

With the amount of telephone scams or advertising companies using large call centres after everyones money these days, I no longer answer phone calls with a hidden number, or even any with a number I simply do not recognize. I certainly never call back (there is a chance thats exactly what they want you to do, as many are premium rate, and companies will make money out of you simply by doing this). Use 1471 to find out if theyve left a number or message, note it down, and use which is a good website for getting feedback from others about the same nuisance calls, and to try and find out who the number really belongs to. I am on ex-directory and get companies advertising at least once every two days, sometimes far more, on a talk talk land line. Im lucky to even get someone on the other end (busy call centres automatically calling many numbers at once with not enough staff to take the call=silent cold calling, which seems to have become the malware of the telephone industry).

The 'Windows Technical Centre' sounds like such a generic name that I would immediately think twice about trusting them, never mind the fact that they were the ones that had gotten in contact with me first. It is VERY unlikely that these calls are related to your local pc shop or computers security level, especially when the caller does not mention how they got your number in the first place (if you talk to them you could always try and find out by asking these questions, but dont give them any hints, to see what kind of response you get) :) Unfortunately these days its almost impossible to find out how advertising companies get hold of your phone number, ex-directory or not. I would not be surprised if large quantities of residential numbers were sold on by questionable members of any phone provider these days, or any other company holding my home number.

As the editor states, do not worry about it :)

  thegreypanther 09:05 02 Apr 2012

Many thanks all for your replies.

Obviously "Windows Technical Centre" is bogus, but it was rather odd that I received these calls at the same time that my PC was in dock!

  audeal 11:08 03 Apr 2012

I received an advertising phone call some time ago and being Ex Directory I asked how they got my phone number and was told that they had a machine that generates numbers at random and my number came up so they phoned me. I told them what I thought of them, after all I do pay for my privacy but do not seem to get it.

  Alexej 14:44 12 Apr 2012

This is a very actual and well known method of phone scam. They claim to be from Microsoft and try to convice you to believe that something is wrong with your pc. but in fact they are (indian) criminals trying to get your money. when I get calls from unknown numbers i check them at first.

most of the time you will find comments and a score from 1=reliable to 9=dubios) for the number so you can decide whether answer or not answer the call

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