Telephone call recording.

  gengiscant 08:33 25 Nov 2010

I am looking for a reasonably cheap way to record telephone conversation over DECT cordless phones.

I Have googled of course, but a tad bewildered by the array of suggestions..
Please do not bother with the legal aspects of what I want to do, its the hardware I am looking for and if it can involve a hook up to the PC to enable me to transcribe the conversations,even better.
As I said reasonably cheap.

  Chris_Byers 10:20 25 Nov 2010

The problem yo have with DECT phonnes is that they are encrypted signals (albeit a weak 35 and 64 bit method), so any kind of device that 'sniffs' the signal is out of the question.
Most commercial phone recording prducts are based around connecting to desktop phones using methods such as microphones attached to the phone speaker or USB devices that are inserted 'in-line' between the phone and handset.
You should also note that some DECT handsets (like mobile phones have a call recording option built in, but getting these off the phone to your PC would be nigh-on impossible I suspect. The quickest and easyest method would be to purchase a telephone recording device such as this one from Maplin and slave it to your PC: click here

  Chris_Byers 10:23 25 Nov 2010

You should also note that you should inform anyone calling you taht their conversations are being recorded for. This is for legal purposes.

  jack 10:34 25 Nov 2010

A moving coil attachment with a sucker one side and a 3.5mm jack line on the other- that I used to stick to a regular phone for work purposes- [instructions to do this that and the other from HQ]which I recorded on a cassette machine.
Would not a similar device work with DECT-?
It simply picks up the speaker emanations.

  GaT7 11:01 25 Nov 2010

It is not necessary to tell a caller they are being recorded, unless you share the recording with a third-party - see click here. G

  gengiscant 11:41 25 Nov 2010

This,I think you will find does not work with DECT phones.
I took this from the Maplins page.
Suitable for phones with unpluggable curly handset cord. Which is not a DECT phone.
But thanks anyway.

  northumbria61 11:43 25 Nov 2010

I agree with Crossbow7 comments - I have "Truecall" installed. Best piece of equipment I have ever bought. Stops ALL "cold calling" and lets you choose who you want to speak to. Just brilliant - but not cheap.

  northumbria61 11:45 25 Nov 2010

"Truecall" ceratinly works with DECT phones with answering facility - you just disable your own "answering system" and Truecall takes over from there.

  northumbria61 11:46 25 Nov 2010

ceratinly = certainly

  northumbria61 11:50 25 Nov 2010

Truecall info here - click here
I got mine from DABS at about £80 - worth every penny - I NEVER have to talk to anyone I don't want to as it intercepts ALL calls before they have a chance to reach you.

  Confab 12:04 25 Nov 2010

Perhaps something like this
click here

It plugs into the phone point - where your dect base station plugs in (or any extension point) I believe that it starts to record as soon as the phone rings or is picked up to make a call.

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