Telephone & Broadband Service Info Required.

  spuds 11:35 16 Apr 2008

At present I am having serious disconnections, poor speeds and general failures with the service being provided by Tiscali. This is not only getting very frustrating but extremely annoying, as the pleasures of using the internet are becoming unbearable.

I am not looking for comments about Tiscali and moving to another ISP at present, but possibly helpful information, so that I can provide evidence to a poor service, hoping that improvements can and will be made.

During the day, the service is acceptable, but after 5pm in the evenings and most times at weekends, the system fails greatly with disconnections and error messages that theres 'No Dial Tone (680)' or a 'Remote computer not responding (619)' problem. Usually the SpeedTouch 330 modem ADSL light flashes from green to orange/red, back to green, when I am then usually able to make a rapid re-connection. Drop-out seems to be a fairly constant and annoying event at times stated above. I have,since December 2007, when Tiscali took over the line rental from BT, had three complete line and telephone failures (possibly more!), which have taken up to 8 hours plus to repair. Doesn't help much, when a recorded message states No Problems reported, or the technical support advisers states similar, then informs that the failure may take 24/48 hours to resolve.

Corresponding via email and a 0870 number with Tiscali support is becoming a non-event, and I was hoping that someone with knowledge of how the system provided actually works, and how this could result in the poor service that is presently being obtained. I have mentioned contention ratios and exchange overloads to Tiscali, but this query seems to be ignored.

Would mention, that I use to have regular 1.9Mb on a upto 2Mb package with no disconnections (BT line rental), now that I am on a upto 8Mb package (Tiscali line rental), I am usually in the 1.2Mb to 2.4Mb range, but strangely on the Tiscali speed checks I have managed to achieve readings of 4.9Mb- 12.41Mb and above (64.48Mb!) between speed-tests and rechecks!. My near neighbour who is on a same Tiscali upto 8Mb BB package and same line distance from the exchange, manages speeds of 4.8Mb and few disconnections on a regular basis.They use three computers on the internet most times, with a BT telephone and line rental.

So in a nutshell, what is going on, and is there an answer or question that I can put forward to Tiscali for consideration.

  rawprawn 11:42 16 Apr 2008

Ask for a MAC Number, and move to BT Internet, I did and only wish I had done it earlier after problems with Tiscali.
I would like to bet that when you ask for a MAC number they will offer you a better deal and increase your speed, don't be fooled.

  Stuartli 11:48 16 Apr 2008

TalkTalk's International3 package at £20.50 (even includes line rental) is still the one that every other ISP in the UK has to beat.

I've been on it for two years now and the financial savings are quite staggering, plus BB connection speeds ranging from 6.4MB to 7.2MB.

  spuds 11:50 16 Apr 2008

I have used Tiscali from the days of Lineone/BT Surftime, and the service was very good, but of late things have gone down hill, which in all fairness I would like to try and resolve.

Just before Christmas I was considering a change to another ISP on the basis of free line rental and higher upgrade offers. Stuck to Tiscali due to the inconveniences of changing email notifications, and the devil (at the time) you know!.

  spuds 11:57 16 Apr 2008

According to BT and Sanknows, the local exchange to my home location (approx 3 miles) should provide a 3.2Mb service, but in reality the neighbours seem to get over 4Mb. If only we could get 6.4Mb/7.2Mb.But ten again, in the days of dial-up, we were told that BB and higher speeds were virtually unobtainable.

  spuds 12:03 16 Apr 2008

By moving to another ISP, will this prevent the present problem, because I would still be using the old BT installed line and devices. And by transferring, perhaps would have some form of new connection devices at the exchange (LLU), but would this resolve my problem!.

  audeal 12:03 16 Apr 2008

I have been with the Post Office for about 6 weeks now and get the same problem from time to time. Earlyer this morning all was well then suddenly about ten minutes ago it dropped down to:
Ping = 129
Upload _ 142kbps
download - 194 kbps

So you are not alone with this problem. It is hell sometimes.

  Stuartli 12:10 16 Apr 2008

LLU equipment owned by ISPs still requires the BT line final link from the exchange to your property...:-)

I live 580 yards (in a straight line) from my exchange.

Re Tiscali - I still have my WorldOnline e-mail address because when I left two years ago, I instigated a PAYG account.

Never used it, but still retain the WOL e-mil address; same for my Pipex e-mail address, originally created 12 years ago.

Ironic that Pipex, once one of the UK's finest ISPs, ended up in the hands of Tiscali.

  johnnyrocker 12:11 16 Apr 2008

which is now also up for sale ( uk operation that is)


  2neat 12:19 16 Apr 2008

I would move away from USB modem & get a router.
Tiscali should send you one free esp if you tell erm you want a MAC code. Check all your wiring connections & filters. This is a good site for info click here

  Covergirl 12:56 16 Apr 2008

I'm with tiscali on a router and the speed drops from about 3.5Mbps peak to around 0.5Mbps evenings when everyone else is logged in.

I'd like to know more about contention ratios, what Tiscali promote and what we're actually getting.

IMHO, 0.5Mbps is OK for general browsing but a bit slow for downloads/updates, YouTube and other streaming media.

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