teknum systems

  hugh-265156 23:13 02 Mar 2003

hi i have a file on my drive called teknum systems can anybody tell me what this is for exactly? as far as i can tell it was installed with xp as in the properties its the same date of my install.windows wont let me uninstall saying that some other programs use this.any ideas?thank you.

  woodchip 23:19 02 Mar 2003

Is this what you are looking at, check that you have software from them click here

  hugh-265156 23:23 02 Mar 2003

yeah thats one of the links i got when i did a search i also got this click here but am still none the wiser.what exactly is it for?thanks

  Gaz 25 23:45 02 Mar 2003

Got Adaware?

  Gaz 25 23:46 02 Mar 2003

click here for a great (best one around) spy ware remover also click here has a good one.

  Gaz 25 23:51 02 Mar 2003
  hugh-265156 23:51 02 Mar 2003

i have adawaer 6 avg and zonealarm all up to date.they dont pick it up.is this spyware?

  hugh-265156 23:58 02 Mar 2003

thanks again for the quick replies.this file is in c:\program files\common files if its any use.

  Gaz 25 00:01 03 Mar 2003

Just let me compile it.


  Gaz 25 00:02 03 Mar 2003
  Gaz 25 00:04 03 Mar 2003

Excellent Kid ... i thought from your post that SpywareBlaster loaded into memory. Well as you said it loads registry keys that stops CLSID entries ... well i have that programme now :) trying it .. i'm a software freak I beta test software and I always like to see new programmes people develop and how they work. But then again there is a little problem. Some programmes like TEKNUM if you know about it I had a previous post about how to remove the startup entry that kept coming back again and again. I searched the entire registry for the key .. there was none. Turns out that the ebtries were loaded from a DLL into registry. You have to remove that file to stop the startup entries ... now SpywareBlaster can't stop this ... but then again nothing found the DLL I manually when through the SYSTEM folder and checked each and every DLL till i got the Teknum crap out. Anyway I have SpywareBlaster running now... nice little programme :) thanks for the post about it.
Now the other thing is the post by ShutMeUpOrDown about what to run on the net. Now this is what i did and it works for me very well because I DO NOT get spyware, or trojans or viruses etc ...
1) Run a realtime virus scanner ONE only not two.
2) Have a firewall Kerio is good because the Application MD5 setting lets me know every single programme that tries to connect out of my PC believe me you would be amazed at what tried to connect to the net even though you have No Filter Rules for them. The purpose of this is to simply inform you if spyware is on your PC trying to get out it will show up in MD5 tab.
But you should NOT have any spyware to begin with You should get Spybot and scan your PC every week ... you don't need a spyware realtime scanner once you clean your PC it will stay that way unless you screw up with your security.
3) You need Script Defender or something like it to stop scripts messing your PC up. And believe me spyware is nothing compared to the frequency and type of damage malicious scripts can do to your PC
4) You need to set your Outlook (if you use this for mail) to use the Restricted Site settings(on HIGH)in IE .. you also need to run IE with ALL settings at Medium or Higher ... if this is too much work for you them don't use IE it has more bugs than anything else, you will ALWAYS be at risk 80% of the net use IE ... its a big target for exploits and will always be ... bill gates doesn't seem to realise this.
You could use Opera its the safest browser avaliable.
4) You need a trojan scanner like Tauscan ... realtime .. I only turn it on when in chat, when the risk is high. People who use P2P should consider the trojan scanner .. but its useless then because the person you are connected to has access to your entire hard drive when using programmes like Kazaa. So what you should look at is a tool to hide the Hard Drive or critical folders at least.
This is the basic stuff I run Script Defender, NOD32, Kerio, Tauscan. Naviscope (which hides system info from sites thta grab it , very useful)and script defender. I don't use IE .. stopped that a while back , I have MyIE its a tabbed version of IE and gives you more control over the browser. That works for me all patches and updated definitions for everything. I don't scan mail with NOD32 anyway I use AVG for that :) love the little message at the bottom ( hardly use Outlook anyway).
Thats it I don't get net trash on PC with my setup no probs no BSOD ... i removed IE integration with desktop anyway (IEradicator) .. if you have a lot of BSOD's try removing the IE integration stops all the probs.
Anyway my point is get a couple good progs and run them :) look at what you install (i spent about 4 months thinking of what Firewall to get .. i tried 8 before I decided Kerio was what "I" wanted ).. and use them properly .. most virus scanners save you from scripts on webpages anyway.
Anyway this is a long post might as well stop .. but one last thing I run a full system scan (Spybot and NOD32) everyday before I shutdown this helps a lot to know the PC is clean.
bye ...

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