Technology -Please if u can help

  User-E04998D5-96DE-4572-896608690ED63A09 17:07 26 Feb 2007

Please help me with the following:

Thanks in advance.

Q1. Why is it impossible for the PentiumII to work on the 32 bit PCI bus without losing any functinality; afterall other computers with 64bits data bus can do 32bits,16bits and even 8bits while they transfer data.

Q2. Suppose that a CPU has a level 1 cache and L2 cache with access time of 5ns and 10ns respectively. The main memory access time is 50ns,if 20% of the accesses are l1 cache hit and 60%are L2 cache hit. What is the average access time?

  Meshuga 22:12 26 Feb 2007

Looks like nobody even cares.

  VoG II 22:15 26 Feb 2007

Looks like homework again.

You are doing yourself no favours by asking for help here. Google or look up your course notes.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:37 26 Feb 2007

If you cannot answer these rather simple questions I would suggest that a future career in computing may elude you.


You can't even attempt the question and you want to make comments.
I think you are just bluffing. If you had answered and make such a comment one can understand.
I advise you correct your attitude.

To u all this is a computer problem for God's sake and I say again if you don't know don't complain.

  provider 2 16:15 27 Feb 2007

" Much might be said on both sides. "

  SB23 16:24 27 Feb 2007

I don't know if this is homework or not, but , as I tell all of my children, the information is there if you look. (Also applies to me!)
I've just had an interesting read about cache hit and miss on a Google search.
If you don't have the notes as already suggested, try it. The answers are there.

  Meshuga 17:59 27 Feb 2007

Coat, you are hardly in any position to criticise others about their attitude in the light of your comments. Too many members have decided that this and your previous thread of a few days ago are NOT pc problems and are not fooled into providing answers. I suggest YOU modify YOUR attitude.

  skidzy 18:20 27 Feb 2007

As all the above have mentioned..check your notes and do the research,this forum is not your calculator.

I know nothing about your question and will not make out i do,but as SB23 has kindly pointed out,he/she has researched your questions as i did...and the answers are there-well the information is there.

The power of Google hey !

Now if i can find possible answers to your questions,and you should know more about this than much effort have you put in ?

  SB23 19:27 27 Feb 2007

With regards to my last posting, I've been looking at searches done with Google, and although like skidzy I don't pretend to know all of what you need to know, I have found a sites that will give some of the info that you need.

I'm not having a go, but researching a topic is all part of the learning process, and we've all had to do it, and its fun!


  Totally-braindead 19:41 27 Feb 2007

Question 1 - why do you believe its impossible, and more importantly why do you care?
Question 2 - use a calculator.

The Pentium 2 is long dead so its moot, a waste of time answering.
If I did want to find the answers the first part will be answered somewhere on the Intel site and as to the second I would have thought it was a question of working out the maths.

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