Technition just advised to Re-Install Windows XP..

  Winxx 12:15 23 Jun 2008

He said the computer was in such a state it needed to be full recovered to time of purchase, but because we didnt make a backup recovery CD when we first turned the PC on we are unable to restore it. He said we could get a copy of the Windows XP home edition CD's and re-install that. He has configured the PC to automatically run when the Windows XP discs have been inserted but we dont have any, so where can i get these discs for free legally?

  Ditch999 12:21 23 Jun 2008

Have you tried system restore in safe mode to the earliest date available? click here

  Winxx 12:35 23 Jun 2008

Yes it gives an error...

"could not start because Urlmon.dll not found"

We just need the Windows XP home installation discs, anywhere we can get them for free or cheap? we are fully licensed to have it.

  birdface 13:12 23 Jun 2008

If it's Home edition borrow one from a friend or neighbor As long as you have The keycode on the side of your computer you should be Ok.You may be able to do a repair rather than a reformat.

  birdface 13:20 23 Jun 2008

Does the computer start in safe here just something to look at.

  Ditch999 15:20 23 Jun 2008

Try to fix the urlmon problem.

Go to Start>Run>regsvr32 urlmon.dll
and hit enter.
Then try system restore again.

  Mac70 15:48 23 Jun 2008

PC Technicians have a habit of re-installing for the slightest thing. What exactly is wrong with the pc?

Im assuming that as you needed to make the backup discs after purchase, it may have a Recovery Partition, which you can re-install from.

You may find a standard XP Home cd may not work with a pre-installed system, and if you borrow the discs from a pre-installed pc they will definetly not work.

I couldnt get mine to work on a friends pc even though they were both Compaq SR's. The discs knew it wasnt the same pc so refused to run.

  woodchip 15:58 23 Jun 2008

Not free but it would get you going. Plus you are running out of time fast for getting one of these CD's click here

  birdface 16:16 23 Jun 2008

Or maybe cheaper still.Go down to your local tip.They get lots of computers Etc that get thrown out and when I was in there last I was looking for a Home Edition disc so that I could run sfc /scannow.They only had an XP Pro one that they would give me for a £1 I suppose I should have taken it ,it would have came in handy for someone.

  ronalddonald 21:07 23 Jun 2008

click here or
click here thats for cougar extreme i think thats the correct website.

Why didnt the technician give a windows xp home cd disc, he sounds very dodgy, is there a way you could complain. He should really provide a disc.

he sounds as if he wants you to go and buy them yourself. You cant get them free , unless you borrow one form afriend but that in itself is illegal because of the product oem number and because windows have rules that search the forum you will c.

  ronalddonald 21:08 23 Jun 2008

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