sky121 14:04 22 Sep 2008

Does anyone know what 'teatimer.exe' is and how to deal with it please? It seems to be connected with Spybot S&D, which I have installed on my computer at home. Everytime I shut down my pc, it comes back with 'teatimer.exe' not responding. Then 'cancel' or 'end now'. Any suggestions please? Thank you.

  User-1229748 14:06 22 Sep 2008
  sky121 15:01 22 Sep 2008

Thank you smackheadz, I will try!

  sky121 14:27 23 Sep 2008

I read the info about the Teatimer.exe and it is very helpful. However I still have some questions relating to it.
1. If it appears on my screen every time I’m shutting my machine down saying the Teatimer is not responding, does it mean it needs to be activated first?
2. Reading the instructions it clearly alerts me that the advanced mode contains certain options that can harm my computer if I don’t know what I’m doing. I am a beginner and certainly wouldn’t know if I could allow or deny registry changes! Is it better to activate (if not already activated) and deny changes every time then simply exit? Just to be safe or I might end up doing more harm than good!
Many thanks!

  User-1229748 14:57 23 Sep 2008

i don't use spybot so others will know more than myself but i don't think many use teatimer as i think it slows your pc down.you are right to be a bit wary of changing your registry,perhaps a better antispyware option may be superantispyware(again free)as a scanner and use spywareblaster which stops most spyware before it gets to your pc (again free).there is a post on this forum from skidzy that can better explain protection but alot is down to the user themselves,for instance not clicking on unexpected pop ups that tell you 'your pc may be infected,click here' skidzys' post click here

  kidsis 15:01 23 Sep 2008

When I upgraded to the latest Spybot Teatimer appeared by default, and seemed to use up a lot of cpu - a lot of people do not have it running for this reason and I disabled it (after advice on forum). I went in to advanced mode (I got the warning too) under Tools and disabled it there. When I update I take the tick out of the box for updates to teatimer.
I don't know why you are getting messages saying that TT is not responding but if you disable it presumably you would not then get these messages.

  sunny staines 18:35 23 Sep 2008

I leave teatime deselected it causes me more problems than its worth. Spybot works great without it.

  mfletch 18:46 23 Sep 2008

To close Tea timer and to disable it from starting with Windows when you restart, open Spybot S & D, open the Tools menu on the right pane and click on Resident and uncheck Resident "Tea timer"(Protection of over-all system settings) active. Exit the program.

  sky121 14:13 24 Sep 2008

Thanks very much, I will try disabling it and hopefully that will sort it out!

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