Tearing my hair out with useless ink compatibles !

  PC Plodder. 12:40 23 Dec 2009

I tried compatible inks ordered on-line for my Epson 200 SX printer.

Of course they didn't work did they so i had the rigmarole of sending them back for a refund.

I tried again with a local firm who say on their website ' guaranteed to work ' but of course they dont work either !

Ive tried all the usual tips for installing the inks but still no dice.

Its obvious the printer manufacturers do everything possible to stop you buying cheap inks but if they sold their own inks at reasonable prices instead of extortion they wouldn't have the problem with copiers.

Sell a printer for 4o quid and a few replacement cartridges for 35 quid. Whats that about ?

Not being allowed to use compatibles is a bit like saying if you buy a Ford car you MUST buy only Ford spare parts or else the thing wont work, its ludicrous.

Anyway before i chuck this pile of cr*p, printer included through the bedroom window any suggestions please ?

(i know, go buy some more ink but it must be genuine Epson)

  Technotiger 13:26 23 Dec 2009

I use compatibles from click here only once in several years have I had a bad cartridge, all others were fine. I always have Epson printers, currently the Epson Photo R360.

  Andsome 13:27 23 Dec 2009

I too use Choice Stationery Supplies. Whenever I put a new refill in on My Epson R340 Photo, I get a warning saying that the cartridge is not genuine, I click OK to continue, and never get any bother. They are a tiny fraction of the Epson price.

  woodchip 13:31 23 Dec 2009

Strange as My RX620 Multifuntion as had nothing in from New only Compats as it was a Demo Printer in other words it was not in a box, never used they just lost all the parts, and I had to get them direct from Epson, But still worked out miles cheaper than a Boxed printer. I use Compats from Computer Fairs About £5 to £6 for six carts but it works out at about £5 set of 6 if I buy more than one set

  woodchip 13:32 23 Dec 2009

Forgot to say these are all chiped carts

  Woolwell 13:37 23 Dec 2009

I use Tesco compatible cartridges in my Epson without trouble.

  anchor 14:00 23 Dec 2009

Of course, I have no knowledge of your printer, but the chipped compatibles from Choice Stationery for my Epson 895, work fine.

I ignore any warning given about not being genuine.

  Pamy 14:49 23 Dec 2009

It appears to me that all those that have replied can use compats in their printers. No one has replied with the same printer as yours yet.

Could you perhaps explain what happens/does not happen when you have put them in the printer?

  sharpamat 16:13 23 Dec 2009

Its not your printer. I use two epsons a R265 with a CISS And more imporant to you an SX200
for the last year run on compatibles but will be fitting a CISS sometime soon

I obtain all my inks from click here
I have never had any problems.

  Confab 16:28 23 Dec 2009

Try these click here .easier They are guaranteed for a year and cheaper than compatibles and you don’t have to have wires trailing or your printer half open as you do with CISS. I’ve been using then for sometime with my DX8450 and the work a treat.

  Confab 16:30 23 Dec 2009

Not sure what happened with the link but I think it still works!

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