NickyK 01:31 17 Nov 2004

I've just spent the last 10 hours trying to get my Mcafee virusscan back on line. To say that I am mildly annoyed is an unserstatement.

Should I simply feck Mcafee and install something else?

I have been sent to Mcafee from AOL, thern back to AOL, from Mcafee, and so on and so on.

All I want to do is re-install the Mcafee. Why can't they answer a simple question with a simple answer?

Please will someone help me?


  Djohn 01:54 17 Nov 2004

I'm not familiar with Mcafee products but will try to help until someone else who is comes along.

Is your Mcafee anti virus a separate program on a CD that your trying to reinstall, Or is it part of AOL's software?

When you say "Back on line" do you mean you have managed to install it but not able to configure it to keep your system safe?

Are you using XP with SP2? Please post back with this info and I will see what help I can offer. If unable to help it is information that is needed for others to help.

  NickyK 01:59 17 Nov 2004

Thank you for replying, Djohn.

This is an AOL provided offer kind of thing. It stopped working. I went to Mcafee, and they refered me back to AOL and so on.

IU am not trying to install it from a CD. I am trying to get my purchase back from AOL from whom I originally installed the product (I pay for it on my AOL account). SO, I guess it is a part of the AOL software, though, to be franbk, In am not sure what you mean by that. Sorry. Inexpoerienced at this end!

I have installed the new SP2 etc.

Thanks for trying to help.

  Cook2 02:09 17 Nov 2004

NickyK, to make sure you are protected until you sort your problem out click here it's FREE and once installed runs in the background and automatically updates itself and it's definitions.

  hugh-265156 02:10 17 Nov 2004

i dont know the answer sorry i dont use AOL but:

click here click here click here may help a bit

  NickyK 02:23 17 Nov 2004

Thank you both of you. I will install the thing recommeded, and look at the AOL pages tomorrow. In the mean time I will install avast for safety reasons. (to be honest, I haven't a clue) to sort out my protection. Why can't any of these dedicated help-lines answer a simple question? Just tell me what to install, and I will do it. Is it too much to ask?

I am not very good about computers. I rely on simple answers to the simpistic questions I ask.

Thank you both for giving me just that.

Best, NickyK

  Djohn 02:30 17 Nov 2004

I was just reading up on that first link of yours huggyg71. I have a feeling it may be NickyK's problem. Let us know how you get on after reading the links NickyK and we will help out further if we can.

Its a bit late now but there are many forum members who use AOL and they will be on-line later on today so if you don't manage to sort it out by then just bump your thread back to the top of the page by posting a short comment to it.

As soon as they see the thread they will help you configure your anti virus. Use the link from Cook2 until then, it will protect you while your on-line. We can always remove it again afterwards.

  NickyK 02:35 17 Nov 2004

Thanks for this, but I am sorry to have to tell you that I am far too stupid to know what the point of it is.

Sorry to be dumb.


(and IU agree. Nicky bed-time).

  NickyK 02:47 17 Nov 2004

Have installed emergency virus scanner.

Tomorrow, I may ask for more help. but I have driven 200 miles today and am terribly tired. The last thing I wanted when I got home was my security to go bottoms up.

Thanks for the help. As I say, I appreciate it, but I think I am now too weary to make any sense of it. Please forgive me.

And, before anybody asks why I took so long to contact this site: well, I spent 8 hours on AOL and Mcafee. Did they help? Did they feck?

  Cook2 02:49 17 Nov 2004

Don't worry NickyK, download and install Avast and it will run without you having to do anything.

You'll see a little S and an I in blue circles at the bottom right of your screen, these will occasionally spin which means they are working.

Look for the Avast! Anti Virus Icon on your desktop and click on it. From here you can do a virus scan just incase something got through while you were unprotected.

As Djohn says, come here again tomorrow to see what other info there is for you.

When you log on to PCAdvisor, look towards the top where it says Registered Users Area and click on View Your Postings. Go down to Add a new response and just write bump. This will put your thread back to the top.

Good luck.

  NickyK 02:50 17 Nov 2004

Oh, and bump? Er, nicht versteihen, bwana.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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