teamviewer scam

  shilpareddy 12:16 21 May 2013

Hi iam from perth, i got a call from indian guy saying that he was calling from microsoft service centre and asked to install teamviewer and he got accessto my system. He asked me to fill credit card details and fill application, i denied it, then he turned off the phone. then after restarting my pc i came to know that it was locked, it is asking for password. how to resolve this issue? Can anyone please help me out.

  Jollyjohn 13:06 21 May 2013

E-Mail this address [email protected] explain what has happened and they may be able to help.

Disconnect PC from internet while trying in safe mode.

  lotvic 13:06 21 May 2013

A warning from Microsoft securitytipstalk Don’t fall for phony phone tech support

Is it XP or W7? a system restore to an earlier date should work. Have you tried the F8 menu (keep tapping F8 until menu appears. start tapping when you first switch power on)

  shilpareddy 02:31 22 May 2013

iam using windows 7. i tried to start it in safe mode, but no use.

  spuds 13:37 22 May 2013

Perhaps its to late now, but this scam as been going around for quite a long time now, it (plus other similar scams) should now be very well known.

My question would be "How did the person get access to your computer?".

  lotvic 14:16 22 May 2013

spuds, after getting the owner to look in event viewer (which as you know always shows some warnings or other) the scammer persuades the pc user to install Teamviewer (a legit program) and via that gives the scammer permission to take over control of pc.

Scammer then proceeds to find loads of 'problems' and asks for payment to fix them.

I think of it as being like having a cold caller on your doorstep who says he has information that your windows are not locked/or he's noticed you have some slates loose and so he has come to fix that and check your house/valuables are secure and - please let me in so I can have a good look round and then you can give me your bank details so I can charge you for my services - and no I won't tell you my real name or address I'll let you carry on thinking that I am from the 'Public Housing Safety Repairs Dept'

  lotvic 14:24 22 May 2013

shilpareddy IMHO now needs to know how to bring up system restore to a previous date, from first boot as he can't get F8 Safe Mode

  Nontek 15:08 22 May 2013

Try doing a Clean Boot then try System Restore ...

Booting Clean in Windows 7: Access the System Configuration Utility > Click Start and type msconfig in the search box, press Enter.

Configure Selective Startup options:

  1. On the General tab, choose ''Selective Startup''.
  2. Uncheck ''Load Startup Items''.
  3. Select the ''Services tab''.
  4. Check ''Hide all Microsoft services''.
  5. Click ''Disable all''.
  6. Click on ''Apply'' and ''OK''.
  7. Restart your computer.

Good luck.

  Jollyjohn 16:06 22 May 2013

Go here I would use the 2nd one listed, burn the cd. Boot and remove the password it is asking for. You should then be able to boot your PC - disconnected from internet - delete teamviewer and reboot - reconnect to internet.

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