Teamviewer for remote accesssing problem.

  computerdiv 16:14 22 May 2013

Hi, hello to every one. I have just started using teamviewer for remote accesssing my PC I am having problems accessing anything through the my computer icon. I wish to view network files on my nas but after double clicking on the my computer icon it hangs forever near the end of the address bar (Green loading bar). I tried to go through the search function for network but didn't even get as far as the loading green bar in the address bar. I can access my pictures,documents and music instantly. Everything else is inaccessible for the same reason.

Question: Am I being blocked from accessing these files by my router or something and how can I get around this issue?

  mgmcc 13:38 23 May 2013

Have the folders that you're trying to access been shared with the appropriate permissions, so that they can be accessed remotely?

  alanrwood 21:13 23 May 2013

I don't think that they need to be shared as Teamviewer is controlling the remote machine. In fact I have never had an access problem using Teamviewer even on machines that were not connected to a network. This sounds more like a password protected NAS box and it bvis hanging awaiting a password input but I am only guessing. Maybe its an incoming firewall block

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