TeamSpeak server & zone alarm settings

  2neat 23:18 22 Jun 2005

I am having probs letting TeamSpeak server work with zone alarm. I have ticked all the boxes. If I setup server people cannot connect. If I close zone alarm they can connect & stay connected when I restart ZA.
Any ideas to let TS work without having to turn off firewall?

  User-312386 23:36 22 Jun 2005

I have TS and have no problems with ZA

Uninstall ZA and re-install it

  2neat 00:06 23 Jun 2005

TS server! no problem with client

  2neat 12:15 24 Jun 2005


  ACOLYTE 15:05 24 Jun 2005

Hmm, not used this in a long time so i may not be spot on but first i would check your IP addy hasnt changed unless its a static one, also i would check the ports tcp 8765 and udp 8766 i think are the default ports that need to be open
also the udp port can be configred in the sever .ini file to use a different port and make sure what port it is using,im not sure about the tcp port though.Also make sure you have given the people the correct password,but as i say i havent used TS in a while so may be nothing to do with any of this.

  2neat 15:19 24 Jun 2005

Think I may have found the answer in TS forums.
Thanks for your help.

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