TEAC cdr

  grouse 13:51 23 Nov 2003

I will try to keep it short
XP home ,512 ddr ram, athlon 2200+ proccessor, asus a7v333 motherboard, all in wonder 8500dv graphics and TEAC w540e cd writer
the cd writer has stopped working after analsing the files to burn it ejects the cd and reports that the cd writer is empty and that the user has aborted, the only thing i can put this down to is a trojan that i got rid of and i think that i may have deleted or altered something after getting some advice from nero i was able to check with the nero info tool that there was no aspi layer, cutting it short, after a bit of bother downloading a working version of aspi layer the nero info tool informs that the system aspi is installed and working....But the cdr was still acting the same .I downloaded a later TEAC driver but when i try to install it i get a message that TEAC Updater "can not found target drive cd 540e and thats about it , the cd rom plays music OK(drive D:) CDR is drive E: drive E works mechinically there are no conflicts in device manager and if i right click on it it says that the device is working properly ? i am at a total loss any help or advice appreciated .

  Stuartli 14:32 23 Nov 2003

Surely the CD-ROM drive, judging by what you have written, should be D and the rewriter E.

Also the CD-ROM drive should be set as Slave and the rewriter as Master and DMA set for both.

Don't use Auto Insert Notification for the CD-ROM drive as Nero controls the drive's operation (you should also used this drive for audio, software installing etc), as a rewriter should only be used for burning (life expectancy not as long as you might expect).

  Stuartli 14:41 23 Nov 2003

Sorry, just read the piece again and realised your CDR means CD-RW...:-)

Have you checked the cables, which can often prove a problem?

Ironically my son's Pioneer DVD rewriter began to play up today, just two months after being acquired.

Usual quick but fruitless checks and then the standby of replacing the cables.

Now works as it should...:-)

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