tea damage

  technophobe1 12:46 13 Sep 2009

my acer aspire 2920 suffered a fatal injury in june when a mighty cup of green tea spilled all across its keyboard. i then trumped myself bny melting the r key off with a hair dryer... Since then, when pressing one key on the keyboard 3+ come up (e.g. 025 sw2 (that was i and w).

the screen played up for a bit and the mouse isn't great, but i have remedied the problem by using an external keyboard and mouse which unfortunately removes the portability side of the operation.

I was wondering if there is anything that can be done (avoiding huge amounts of cost (I think it would be a computer write-off scenario if i were to investigate the cost of repair))?

i am considering rebooting the computer (might not be correct word), but this involves moving everything to drive d. is this right? my files wont be wiped if i restart the system?

what I want to do is try and get the keyboard working again while keeping all my documents (and music) without having to buy an expensive external hard drive to move the to.

any ideas?

  Kalb 15:41 13 Sep 2009

You could try a new keyboard from click here
About £40.....technical manual from Acer should show how its fitted

  Fingees 15:50 13 Sep 2009

You may be able to claim,if you have accidental damage insurance cover on your contents policy.

Just a thought.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:07 13 Sep 2009

I don;t think you'll gain much by reloading the operating system, but Kalb's suggestion of a new keyboard is worth looking at if the money is available.

Alternatively, remove the existing keyboard, soak it in warm water for a day or so and leave to dry completely. They're quite quick to remove (usually!) and it's a suprisingly easy job in most cases.

At the same time as you remove the keyboard you could try cleaning the mouse pad and buttons. they may well have a layer of green tea over them inhibiting their operation.

Not sure what to suggest on the screen, but if it's ok now then don;t touch it!

  technophobe1 14:32 20 Sep 2009

i dont think i have accident cover, so I think i am going to try the other option of installing a new keyboard. I have located one on the internet and am going to buy it, but there is no acer technical manual to speak of. where can i get one of these from?
is fitting a new keyboard a complicated process?

buzzard recommends cleaning the mouse pad - where would this be situated? i have taken teh keyboard off (but not detached it from the computer) and there appears to be nothing directly attached to the mouse underneath it.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:02 20 Sep 2009

I'm a bit confused...you said that you have the keyboard off but not detached from the laptop and then ask if fitting a new one is complicated.

How have you 'removed' the keyboard and how is it still attached?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 20 Sep 2009

click here

service manual

  technophobe1 21:18 20 Sep 2009

i mean that I have lifted the keyboard away from the laptop(i.e. unhitched it), but haven't actually detached the wire thereby completely removing the tainted keyboard away from it.

thus my point is that i don't know how to unwire the keyboard and rewire a new one in its place.

  woodchip 22:09 20 Sep 2009

the ribbon cable does not have a plug on the end, you should see a white bit of plastic on the motherboard socket end, this slides a little bit to one side, if you move it too much it will brake so just a bit then the ribbon should come out.

  woodchip 22:11 20 Sep 2009

The white plastic works like a wedge to old the ribbon in

  technophobe1 20:06 25 Sep 2009

ok, so i have changed the keyboard and the problem is still there: the letters do not correspond to the keys typed. This, I suppose, means that the problem is an internal one - is there anything more I can do?

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