tcp/ip binding

  cheapaschips 16:37 07 Dec 2006

okay - i lost my broadband on my pc last night, an hour to the techies didnt sort it so i came home today to get down and dirty with it.
another hour of techie time (NTLworld) and the guy tells me that my pc has lost its tcp/ip binding and that i should go to a pc shop and ask them what to do. obviously outside of the support criteria. can anyone advise me as to what i should be doing as the thought of polling up at the local pc hardware store doesnt appeal. sounds a bit of a cheek.
i can get onto the net if i wire directly into my laptop. so its only my desktop that busted.


  Ashrich 21:22 07 Dec 2006

click here and download and run this , it is a Winsock fix , it will delete all your TCP/IP from Windows and the registry and then reload it all again afresh , this hopefully should do the trick and will be a lot cheaper .


  cheapaschips 11:06 11 Dec 2006

worked a treat...

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