tonyx1302 10:14 06 Jul 2006

I am trying to install tclock on my desktop but Defender stops me by saying it is 'harmful or unwanted software'. I have ticked ignore but I get a splash telling me the same when I reboot.

I have tried several times and always get the same response and have tried with Defender dormant.
Any thoughts would as always, be gratefully received.


  Diodorus Siculus 10:27 06 Jul 2006

TCLOCK.EXE - Malware.TClock.Process
click here

Some versions of TClock are spyware / malware.

  MAJ 10:30 06 Jul 2006

Have you tried TitleBarClock, Breitling? click here I've used it your years, check out the screenshot. click here

  tonyx1302 10:35 06 Jul 2006

Thanks Diodorus Siculus but I am now somewhat confused as I have run tclock on my laptop for a long time without any problems. Should I dump it post haste. If so, is there another free clock prog that is simple to use/install with large fonts for failing eyesite?

With thanks


  ventanas 10:39 06 Jul 2006

I don't see it. I have TClock installed on three machines, all running a number of antispyware apps as well as AV, and nothing has ever reported TClock as being a problem.

  Shortstop 10:48 06 Jul 2006

I have tClock 1.4.2 click here It may be that another variant does exist which has a problem but I have never had any spyware issues with Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware, MS Antispy, A-squared, etc.


  tonyx1302 11:05 06 Jul 2006

Thanks MAJ but really wanted a clock that sits permantly in the lower taskbar and has very large fonts.
Thanks Shortstop going to give your suggested site a go. Will report back.


  anskyber 11:09 06 Jul 2006

Does not seem to work with XP

  Shortstop 11:12 06 Jul 2006

I have XP & it's OK?

  tonyx1302 11:16 06 Jul 2006

Thanks Shortstop your site worked. I don't know why but it is has totally different Properties than the site recommended by Google and the one installed on my laptop,but the result is exactly the same and is up and running and no worries from Defender.


  tonyx1302 11:20 06 Jul 2006

Shortstop.I will leave this post open for a while for the benefit of other members who may be looking for a similar prog. so they can use your suggested 'click here' site.

With thanks


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