Tax refund offer from HMRC--Another phishing trip?

  SparkyJack 09:09 13 Jun 2014

My daughter received such an email As she is register disabled she not a likely candidate, I dug deeper-

The attached form did not read out as a PDF but instead pages of word processor code used up in lines of taxt asking for account numbers.

A response is supposed to go to the 'refund office' with a Liverpool address.

Anyone had this one?

  morddwyd 09:26 13 Jun 2014

Yes, several times.

I have also had a couple of genuine refunds from HMRC (lucky me!).

They come by post.

  hastelloy 14:56 13 Jun 2014

I have had many of these and agree with MechKB 2 - never open attachments unless you are absolutely certain of their pedigree.

Just to correct a misapprehension - unless your daughter is visually impaired, she can't be registered disabled as there is now no such registration. Click here or here. However some Councils have their own scheme which is not a legal requirement and will have no force outside of the Council's jurisdiction.

  SparkyJack 23:13 13 Jun 2014

Furtherresearch days yes a scam attempt She reported apart from all else--hmrc ,like banks don't e mail etc., the item was putgethervon WP a simple message not on hmrc headed,various other pointers

Marvin 42

My miss use of terminology. She is on various support schemes covering her conditions

  hastelloy 10:17 14 Jun 2014


It's a very common mistake - even professionals make it!

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