Tattooing a Packard Bell for new hard drive

  mak2 22:35 11 Jun 2003

I've had to replace the hard drive in a Packard bell and I've been told Ineed to tattoo the HD.
Does anyone know how to do this or where I can get this info.


  bab5 22:41 11 Jun 2003


PC World can tattoo the hard drive although they might charge you for it , either that or buy yourself a full copy of windows and set your pc up that way.


  eccomputers 22:44 11 Jun 2003

have you tried it?
Sometimes they hold the code in the bios and it has to match the hard drive. If it doesnt, I have had cases where it has tattooed to drive on its own.

  woodchip 22:48 11 Jun 2003

You need Acronis or Partition Magic to see if there is a hidden partition on your drive this should contain Drivers etc for your Hardware if there is you then need Drive Image to copy the hidden Partition to a CD then restore the image to the new Drive after creating a new Hidden partition on you New Drive

  hugh-265156 22:50 11 Jun 2003

can anyone explain the proccedure as ive got a packard bell and want to fit a larger drive and transfer the os to it.

hope you dont mind me jumpin on your thread mak2

  bab5 22:55 11 Jun 2003


Yes i've tried both way,
As my PB was under warranty i took it back to PC world and had it re-tattooed after accidental formatting the hard drive,

this was with a win 98se machine that came with a red floppy and 3 cd's for reloading the os and drivers.

after doing it again i went a bought win ME instead ,before wiping the hard disk clean i downloaded all the drivers from the PB website and burned them onto disk.


  wheelie 01:42 12 Jun 2003

Try going into FDISK and deleting any partitions that are there. After that, format the drive as normal

There's a program on the boot floppy called "Tattoo.bin". IIRC, you can do it yourself by running it after you've formatted the drive. Having said that, I tried it (with the help of PB support) and it didn't work.

Your best bet is to take it back to PC World and get them to do it for you. Shouldn't take them more than a couple of days.

Hope that helps.

  alan2003 14:24 12 Jun 2003

depending on the model of packard bell there several commands to do this.
best advice would be to contact pc service call or pc world
what you are charged will depend on your warranty.

If you have the recovery cds try the following the success of this will depend if the hidden sector info in your BIOS being okay
1. boot your pc up with recovery floppy and master cd 1
2. press 'N' to cancel when you get to the welcome to PB recovery program
3. switch to the cdrom drive this is normally Q on PB machines
4. change directory to drivers - type CD DRIVERS
This copies the hidden sector info from the BIOS to the hard drive
reboot the computer and attempt the full recovery
there are a few other commands, but it depends on the model of pb machine

  mak2 22:45 12 Jun 2003

Thanks to everyone. I phoned PB and they talked me thru it, they wouldn't email me with instructions, so I had to pay 75p/min

  Despicable Desperado 22:56 12 Jun 2003

Another reason not to buy a Packard Bell!!!

  hubdean 14:50 03 Sep 2005

what did they tell you to do

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