osben 15:56 24 Jun 2005


I have been reading the various threads about SVCHOST.EXE and decided to view the contents of SVCHOST on my computer.

In one of the articles it was suggested that to view I could:
At the "run" screen, type in CMD and press return - which I did

It was then suggested that I type in "tasklist/svc and press return.

I typed this in at the end of the line which read "C:\documents and settings" and pressed return.

The message I got was:
""not recognised as an internal or external command operable program or batch file""

I changed the command line directory to just "C:" and "c:\windows" but still got the same response.

Any ideas as to what is going wrong, why I can't look at the contents of my SVCHOST.exe files???

I am using XP


  Diodorus Siculus 16:11 24 Jun 2005

tasklist/svc should possibly have a space before /svc

  VoG II 16:13 24 Jun 2005

There should be a space PLUS XP Home does not have Tasklist but there's a link to get it if you click here

  Gemma 16:39 24 Jun 2005

svchost.exe is a Windows executable program. In a normal XP system you will find several copies of this program running.

If you want a decription of what it does look here click here

You say you want to "view the contents". As it is a program there is nothing in it that will mean anything to you. Do not attempt to open it with an editor as it is easily possible to screw it up.

It has been the target of various malware but if your system is up to date there should be no problem

  osben 16:53 24 Jun 2005


Thanks all for your quick reply.

VoG™ - I have downloaded as you suggested, many thanks

Gemma - Why do you presume that there will be nothing in it that will mean anything to me?? but thanks for your input anyway.

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