taskbar size

  mogwai 21:57 10 Jan 2005

This is kinda embarrasing, but i cant get the taskbar back to its 'normal' size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can either drag it to the bottom of the screen so i cant see it or make it twice its 'normal' height if you see what i mean. I know its not important but its beginning to get annoying and im pulling my hair out trying to get it back to its normal size. A ny help and my sanity would appreciate it

  Chezdez 21:58 10 Jan 2005

mine did this for a while, and then randomly stopped one day
just a random error in windows, one we'll never be able to explain i guess!

  Dennis1 22:41 10 Jan 2005

As Chezdez says it sometimes happens, It happened to me but only when I had quicklaunch enabled it was like it for weeks and then suddenly corrected itself,I know how you feel, I tried everything think of and then one day I booted up and it was ok.I know it doesn't solve your problem but at least you're not alone.

  kyprosman 23:04 10 Jan 2005

If you have quick launch enabled, right click on taskbar then unlock the taskbar where you will see a dotted line.Hover your mouse over them till your arrow becomes a horizontal double arrow. then left click and drag it towards the clock on the right till all your icons are in one line. Then go to the top of your taskbar and hover mouse till its a vertical double arrow left click hold and drag down. It should then have resized your taskbar. If you then double left click on the dotted line it will close up your quick launch, then you right click on taskbar and lock it again. Hope this helps, Andy.

  kyprosman 23:07 10 Jan 2005

The above is for XP, I'm not sure about other operating systems. Andy.

  feb 23:12 10 Jan 2005

Hi mogwai

If you've got any tool bars open on the tool bar,(Adress, Links or Language) make sure they are moved over to the right of the Task bar and then up, use the same principal as kyprosman suggests

  Fjellman 11:33 11 Jan 2005

I once knew someone with this problem and it was because he had too much clutter on his Task Bar. After removing some of the shortcuts on the left side and some of the junk from the start menu displayed on the right side and sliding things about, all became normal again.

  mogwai 14:27 11 Jan 2005

ok got it at last thanks after shuffling things around and deleting some of my quick launch items ive cracked it thanks to everyone for their suggestions, just want to say this is a great helproom im always amazed by the speed and helpfullness of everyone involved

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