Task Scheduler Service 14/4/06

  Bentheika 13:56 14 Apr 2006

Please can anybody help me,I purchased my Dell 9150 computer in January 2006,sice then I have been working on it OK until a week or so,when I first put the computer on up comes the icons then this message:Some tasks did not execute at their scheduled times because the task scheduler service was not running.You can view the list of missed tasks,and attempt to run them again,from within the scheduled tasks folder.I have tried everything to start this without success,I informed Dell about the problem and that I had insurance on this machine for three years I was informed it was for hardware not for the software and I would have to pay £37-00+vat to get the Task Scheduler Service working again.I stated that I had only had this computer since January and had not touched anything or done anything to the computer.I did have a Trojan horse in January and McFee Antivirus handled this virus,it was called JS/Stealus and it infected Temporary Internet Files\Content.lE5\SHMNGXAR\e(1)HTM.I informed Dell about this in January and their told me that if my computer was working OK then not to worry.

  VoG II 13:59 14 Apr 2006

Start, Run, type


and click OK.

Scroll down to Task Scheduler and double click it. Click the Start button to start the Task Scheduler and change Startup Type To Automatic. Click OK and close the Services window.

  Bentheika 14:14 14 Apr 2006

VoG,I have typed services.msc and clicked OK but nothing happened,I have double clicked the start button but still nothing happens.I think I have tried everything,even tried the steps you advised muffin to take but without success.

  VoG II 14:29 14 Apr 2006

Checking the Task Scheduler Service

The Task Scheduler service must be running and properly configured to run tasks. If you had stopped scheduled tasks manually from the Scheduled Tasks window, the service stops and does not initialize the next time you start the computer. If the service is not configured to log on as the local system account, it may not start.

To check the settings for the service:

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Administrative Tools.

2. Click Computer Management.

3. Expand Services and Applications, and then click Services.

4. Right-click the Task Scheduler service, and then click Properties.

5. On the General tab, make sure that the startup type is set to automatic, and that the service status is Started. If the service is not running, click Start.

6. On the Log On tab, make sure that the local system account is selected, and that the Allow service to interact with desktop check box has a check mark.

7. Click OK, and then quit Computer Management.

  Bentheika 14:42 14 Apr 2006

VoG,I have tried all that as well,I am new to computers only four years and still learning but thanks for your help.I just don't no why? I have to pay Dell for something that is already installed on my computer I even went to the password to put a password in and it said access denied.The computer coct me over £800-00 and insurance for the computer was about £140-00 altogether it cost £1,000 and 51p so you can see why I am a bit upset at paying another £37+vat.

  VoG II 14:42 14 Apr 2006

What happened when you tried it?

  Bentheika 14:58 14 Apr 2006

VoG,It said it missed and I put a new time to start but I still can't see it starting.It is I hope? starting tomorrow 15/4/06 at 10-00 am

  Bentheika 11:49 15 Apr 2006

VoG,as I stated yesterday it didn't start I was that certain,so this Task Scheduler Service has never started.Thanks for your help though.

  VoG II 21:51 15 Apr 2006

As you've had no further replies, I assume that none of the experts on here can figure this out from a distance.

If I were you I would agree to stump up the £37+VAT and let them fix it.

  Bentheika 22:00 15 Apr 2006

VoG,thanks for trying to help but as I said I have only had this computer since Jan 2006,is it imperative that I have this working on the computer,what does this Task Scheduler Service on my old IBM computer I can't remember seeing this service.I amm getting on to Dell first thing tuesday morning will let you know how I get on.

  Bentheika 22:54 18 May 2006

Have been in touch with Dell computers and they advised me that the issue I had was a software issue and they only dealt in hardware,but for this time only he told me that he would show me how to put the computer back to factory settins as I had originally purchased it.There are now no tasks in the scheduler service at this moment in time and I don't know how to start it off again with a schedule.

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