Task Manager now only showing the performance tab

  Simulated movement 18:59 11 Jun 2005

My PC was recently returned to me after having it's power unit replaced. When it was returned, I discovered that, when accessing Task Manager, it only now displays the contents of the performance tab and applications and processes have completely disappeared.
The shop was at a loss to provide an explanation and since their customer service left a lot to be desired in the first place, I wasn't keen to take it back. I could find nothing through Google on this and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions on how to restore it properly. I'd imagine it requires a tweak of the registry but do not know what settings to alter.

  Big Elf 19:02 11 Jun 2005

Try double clicking on the border.

  leo49 19:03 11 Jun 2005

If the performance display completely fills the dialog box, try double-clicking the box border.

  AubreyS 19:04 11 Jun 2005

Try this click here;en-us;193050

  Simulated movement 19:04 11 Jun 2005

Don't think I searched through Google thoroughly enough! The solution is to double-click the border and it restores the original task manager settings in a flash. There you go-thank you and goodnight!
Hope this might help someone else though.:)

  AubreyS 19:05 11 Jun 2005

Sorry.... Try again! click here

  Simulated movement 19:09 11 Jun 2005

Blimey, you guys were quick. Thanks Big Elf, Ieo49 and Aubrey S. I thought I would have posted my discovered solution before anyone had read my post but hey, you guys were fast.
Thanks for the quick response-as I discovered myself your answers were indeed the solution.

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