Task manager

  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 22:16 08 Jun 2004

HI All

Just a quick one this time i am using zone labs pro 4 this has an *.exe file called VSMON.exe now this file uses so much memory that my machine starts going backwards only kidding it is just that slow is there a program out there that can tell me how to limit/stop this from using so much memory as it is using a lot of my CPU memory

  johnsims 22:25 08 Jun 2004

Try posting on the Zone Labs forum. You get to it from the support section at click here

  Fruit Bat 22:26 08 Jun 2004

task manager / processes tab

right click on vsmon

set priority

mine's set to normal CPU 00 Mem usage 7,944k

reset and see what happens?


  hugh-265156 23:48 08 Jun 2004

have a look in start/control panel/administrative tools/event viewer under the application and system tabs.

are there any references to 'true vector' here?

if so try re installing ZA. usually fixes the problem.

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