Target video to 700mb

  ArrGee 21:07 09 Sep 2007

I have downloaded several videos from open sites and the file sizes, in both AVI and WMV, are over 1gb. I would like to reduce these to 700mb to store on VCD.

I know there are apps available to reduce file size, but there are so many options, i.e. DVD quality, frame rate, screen size, best for desktop, etc etc.

All I am loooking for is an app where you can say 'Give me the best quality conversion, as long as the target file is 700mb'.

Any ideas?

Cheers in advance.

  holme 21:39 09 Sep 2007

Hi, an interesting poser. Just so you don't feel neglected with nobody answering (to date), I don't know how this can be done - but I know a man who just might.

So I'll email him and come back with any answer. Could take a day or three but I hope someone solves it for you in the meantime.

  ArrGee 22:33 09 Sep 2007

Thanks for that. There's no rush, so a few days is just fine with me.

  woodchip 22:37 09 Sep 2007

Ulead Explorer may be able to do it if you can get old of the free version.

If you use XP there is Free Windows Movie Maker

  ArrGee 22:52 09 Sep 2007

Many thanks. Will either be a way to resolve the original query, i.e; this is the "target size and just do it"?

  woodchip 23:09 09 Sep 2007

Only way is to test it. I used Movie Maker once and have used a old Ulead Explorer8 that created a SVCD but it also did vcd. But I use Pinnacle 9.4.5 for my Video. I also have just what you want but got it with a Video Camera all are seperate programs like to resize cleane etc. called Xvid

Looks like it's free, you need to check on what it does click here

  ArrGee 23:26 09 Sep 2007

Cheers, but it sounds like it's not the solution. I don't want to tweak settings and see how it goes. I would like to say "here is my file, make it 700mb in the best quality".

I have tweaked around with quite a few apps now, but not to the simplicity level that my brain can work with!

  tullie 23:26 09 Sep 2007

Why not DVD?

  ArrGee 08:57 10 Sep 2007

Good question. I'd like to give a copy to my brother who has a quite aged laptop which accepts VCD but not DVD.

  ArrGee 10:01 10 Sep 2007

Finally, after a bit of Googling, I found the solution. If anyone is interested, this is what I found:

click here

But if there are better solutions out there, please drop me a line.

Thanks to all.

  holme 10:10 10 Sep 2007

Just an 'interim' comment. Although (as many people have mentioned) a number of video editing progs will of course burn to VCD, this is a fairly fixed format - PAL 320x240 pixels at 25fps - and the underlying bitrate doesn't seem to be adjustable. It's the latter which I think will have to be changed to meet ArrGee's needs - but we need to find a way of doing that. I've put out two feelers and am awaiting replies from them.

ArrGee - do you know if your brother's laptop will play SVCD format? The basic format (480x576 pixels at 25fps) is much-improved compared with VCD, but of course the file-size will be correspondingly higher - so it may require an even lower bitrate. The phrase 'swings & roundabouts' comes to mind! :-)

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