armacomroll 14:32 08 Jun 2005

On reading the July issue of pc advisor I am trying to connect my hi-fi to my pc to tansfer old tapes to my pc so that I can then edit and burn them to CD. My pc has a line in socket but the only line out socket on my hi-fi is the headphone socket as the speakers just wire in direct. Would the headphone socket transfer the music to my pc in the same way as explained in the magazine via RCA plugs.

  briandy 14:38 08 Jun 2005

A better method if you have enough tapes to make it worthwhile is PlusDeck which is a tape reader that fits into a floppy drive slot. They cost 149 US dollars (about £85 I think and are excellent). See thinkgeek.com

  Stuartli 14:41 08 Jun 2005

I saw a gadget for about £28 a few weeks back that links your VCR to a PC so that the tapes can be converted - unfortunately I can't remember just where I saw it...:-(

It's on the lines of this product's link:

click here

I did mention it in a thread at the time so perhaps the recipient will remember and repost it.

  BaboonBoy22 14:44 08 Jun 2005

I haven't read the article myself, but you can use a phono lead from the headphone socket on ur hifi and into ur microphone socket on ur comp. U will need to adjust the volumes to get the best sound quality, and just record it using sound recorder. There was an thread posted earlier about transfering audio from a dvd onto ur comp.. some of the responses may be helpful as well.

  Completealias 14:46 08 Jun 2005

Using the headphone socket will get you a signal that you can record but you may well lose quality

  Border View 14:50 08 Jun 2005

I have transferred from tapes to PC via headphone socket on the tape deck and the line in socket on my PC with excellent results. I was specifically recommended not to use the microphone input socket on my PC. Shall look up my posting when I asked for similar advice and will come back with a link.

  Border View 15:07 08 Jun 2005

Try having a look here click here

Some excellent advice on how to transfer from records and tapes to CDs Good luck

  armacomroll 16:34 08 Jun 2005

thanks Barmoor your link is very helpful

  Stuartli 18:47 08 Jun 2005

Another great link is:

click here

plus click here

for general info and quality assessment of CD and DVD media manufacturers, their products and who rebadges such products under their own name.

  jack 20:25 08 Jun 2005

Defininatley Headphone socket to Line in, you will need to get hold of a double ended cord - about a £1 from a Hi Fi shop or perhaps PC World.

If not E-mail the following- This lady is the cables expert- she stocks all sorts of cables for bizarre applications

[email protected]

  jack 17:53 09 Jun 2005

What happened? I am sure I speak for all that we are dying to hear your result.

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