tape/cd morals? or brainwashing?

  Aol Hater 17:33 10 Jun 2003

just a thought really, years ago when cassttes and records were out before the advent of cds everyone thought nothing of 'taping' a tape for a friend or taping an LP. It was never really considered immoral or illegal by anyone. So how come now with the advent of cds and cd burners everyone is raving about how wrong it is and immoral it is to copy cds? are we being brainwashed by big record companies? To me it is just the same as 'taping' a tape for a friend or recording a song off the radio like we ALL did in the years before cds.

Just a thought.

What do you all think?

  The Spires 17:43 10 Jun 2003

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  Legolas 17:46 10 Jun 2003

Copying vinyl and tapes was still illegal as is copying CD's. The difference is whereas one tape or LP recorded for a friend was mostly ignored by the music industry, nowadays whole albums are being downloaded, copied and distributed to whoever. I worked beside someone who spent most of their spare time making up albums from illegally downloaded music, which he then sold to others.

  Djohn 18:02 10 Jun 2003

I try not to tell others what is right or wrong, it is for themselves to decide, and of course the relevant authorities.

I have never bought a music CD for myself, only as presents for others. My wife though does, on average five CD's each month, has done for the past ten years or so.

Every so often I may make a compilation of 5 to 10 tracks to play in my car, or at my PC. Technically this is wrong, but I don't think any of the major music labels will condemn me for this.

The major downloading of music/Films to be sold at a profit is an entirely different proposition. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:11 10 Jun 2003

Killing a Welshman that ventured into Monmouth was legal once. /me sheds a tear for past-times...;-))))))


  Mysticnas 18:26 10 Jun 2003

i think copying and handing out copies to friends or for your own personal use is completely differnt to copying and selling.

Some people will actually go and buy the origional CD after they've heard a copy. For instance, it's like listening to the radio, if you like a song enough you'll probably buy the CD anyway!!!

I thinks it's all a farce!!! i mean CD's they cost a bomb anyway! It's just like copied software, i mean i bet most people have it, but NO-ONE is going say they have!!!

and before someone says something about how i'd like it if i was the artist with falling record sales, well then yeah i wouldn't be so up and coming about copied stuff, but then thats life.

People will always try and do whats best for them, artists will try and make more and more money, comsumers will always try and get away with not paying for stuff or trying to get it for as little as they can. All politicians will lie and people will.... ahh i can't be bothered to finish off the sentence...

same ol' same ol'...

Everyone's entitled to thier own opinions.

  Mysticnas 18:35 10 Jun 2003

that people can still get hung in the UK (apparently), but only for sticking your finger(s) up at the queen. here's a few more pointless facts...

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I accumalated these from my collection of Mountain Biking UK (MBUK) mags. :o)

  Aol Hater 18:39 10 Jun 2003

i think that if you copy a cd for a friend it is the same as taping a tape years ago and as Legolas
'The difference is whereas one tape or LP recorded for a friend was mostly ignored by the music industry'
i agree that people who download whole albums and SELL them are operating illegally but is downloading an album for your own use any different from taping one from a friend?

  Confab 19:15 10 Jun 2003

There is quite a big difference between copying material before the advent of pc's and cd's and now. You could copy an LP or a tape to tape and maybe give it to a friend and, OK it wasn't legal but, if your friend then taped the tape the quality of the reporduction would deteriorate to a level where it just wasn't worth listening. Tere was an end to the amount that one original coyld be copied. Nowadays if you copy a cd and give it to someone then they can copy it and give it to someone who can copy it etc ect without any deterioration in quality. There is a big difference.


  Forum Editor 19:42 10 Jun 2003

You can't be 'hung'for sticking your fingers up at the Queen - you may be 'hanged' though. He is hanged, she is hanged they are hanged. I was hanged, you were hanged, etc.

That grouse I had for lunch had been well hung though.

Odd language English, isn't it?

Speaking as a Welshman who has ventured into Monmouth on more than one occasion I'm glad the past times are past.

It astonishes me how some people will justify breaking the copyright law by saying "well, I only did it for my own amusement, and I made a couple of copies for my friends, but that's hardly a crime is it?" Then those friends make a couple of copies for their friends, but that's hardly a crime. The friends each make copies for their friends and families, but hey, nobody's going to worry about that are they?

In no time at all those two innocent copies for friends can spawn a few hundred copies, and so it goes on. That's the reality of copyright theft - it doesn't have to be people making thousands of copies to sell at car boot sales, just half a million people making a couple of copies for friends. I know the argument that says many of the people getting copies would never buy the CD, so the artist/record label aren't losing anything, but it's impossible to prove.

If the copyright law on music is a bad law, or needs modifying it will ne changed or abolished - that's how the system works. We, the people, can have bad laws abolished - it's a natural process, and has been happening for centuries. That we haven't done this with the copyright law - at least so far - means that we recognise the inherent 'rightness' of a law that says if you create something - a work of art, or a song for instance - you have the right to reap the rewards of your work, and the right to expect that others will not be permitted to take what you created and enjoy it without paying for it. The copyright law is a just law - acknowledged to be so by every civilised country in the world - and it's important to realise why it's vital to keep it working. If copyright protection can no longer be relied upon to work then creativity will suffer - who wants to spend time writing/painting/sculpting/performing music if anybody can stroll up and steal the work without so much as a by your leave?

  -pops- 19:51 10 Jun 2003

A point expanding on one made by Forum Editor and illustrating an important diference between copying analogue and digital media.

With tapes or any analogue storage medium, each subsequent copy shows a deterioration in quality such that after only a few copies of copies of copies the quality was so bad, it wasn't practical to copy any more.

With digital storage, each copy is identical to the one before, the one after and its copy and its copy. The prospect of an infinite number of copies of any digital medium is real, all of them identical to the original.


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