Tape deck (s) not working?

  Flopper 18:42 25 Aug 2007


I bought the above recently and regretably did not see it all working. Everything else seems OK but when playing cassette tapes in either of the twin decks every tape starts to play for literally one second and stops. No tape will rewind or fast forward and if I persist the tape starts to unravel in the deck.

Any suggestions?

  SANTOS7 18:55 25 Aug 2007

Simple!! TAKE IT BACK... or do i fear some contractual glitch afoot..

  Flopper 19:00 25 Aug 2007

I did not make it clear that I bought it second hand.
I doubt the seller was deliberately misleading me and it may be coincidence and they never or hardly used the tape deck but you never know.

  SANTOS7 19:08 25 Aug 2007

Second-hand goods

Private sales

Private sales are consumer to consumer deals. They cover everything from garage sales, to goods you buy privately on the net or through the classified ads in papers.

The big draw of private sales is the expectation of getting a bargain - cut out the second-hand dealer and the price should be cheaper. As an added bonus, you will usually avoid the pushy sales patter of a professional retailer.

However, don't expect much protection from the law if something goes wrong. Neither the Fair Trading Act nor the Consumer Guarantees Act applies. All is not lost though: you may get limited help from the Contractual Remedies Act if you have relied on a claim made by the seller that was important to you. The Act is complicated but in essence: if you have been misled you may be able to claim compensation.

Then there is the venerable Sale of Goods Act 1908. You can claim damages if the seller didn't own the goods or there was money owing on them. It may also help if you have been told a porkie by the seller about the quality or performance of the thing you have bought. But there is a snag; sellers can contract out of the Sale of Goods Act. Of course, not many private sellers would know this but if they do, you've got to be told before the deal is struck.

Overall, with a private sale you are largely on your own. This makes it important to keep a note of the seller's street address and phone number just in case you need to track them down.

  Arnie 10:52 26 Aug 2007

It sounds as though the capstan pinch wheel and spindle could need cleaning.

The pinch wheel as the name suggests, pinches or pushes the tape up to the rotating capstan.
If the capstan motor does not pull the tape forward due to slippage, the tape will bunch up within the cassette housing.
If the spindle bush dries, a touch of sewing machine oil on the bush periphery will help free it.
Make sure any surplus oil is cleaned from the spindle/tape contact area.

Rewind problems are usually related to friction pad troubles.

I have repaired a number of these audio (and video) decks by simply cleaning all the parts that lie in the tape path.
Use isopropyl alcohol or de-natured meths and cotton buds.

Do not use cotton buds on video heads!!!

The following site may be of help to you.

click here

BTW Flopper, is your satellite speaker system now ok?


  Flopper 13:34 26 Aug 2007


Thank you for the practical advice but I am a little nervous about doing anything like introducing liquids into the equation. I might let someone else do it for me.
The rest of the kit works well.

  Arnie 00:09 27 Aug 2007

I hope you are able to find a satisfactory solution.

  jack 16:00 28 Aug 2007

Pich rollers and captstan are ckoked with oxide residue.- You could but Tape cleaners when tapes were fashionable.
But cotton wool buds and alcohol will do the trick
Just a good clean up thats all that needed

  Flopper 13:03 20 Sep 2007

Had the kit checked by someone who knows what they are doing and the belts needed replacing, so all is well, apart from my wallet!!

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