TalkTalk/Yahoo Internet Connection Failures.

  Alan L 12:06 10 Jul 2007

Hello.Ever since TalkTalk turned on their equipment at my local telephone exchange here in Spalding,and thus speeding up my broadband connection from 2.2mbps to 6.2/7.1mbps,I've noticed my internet connection now turns itself off after 3 minutes.Prior to this upgrade,my internet connection,once turned on,stayed on.I have not changed,altered or interfered with any of the computer settings either prior to or directly after the upgrade.I have been in contact with TalkTalks technical helpline which was most unhelpful,and I even went into their Carphone Warehouse shop and they couldn't help either.Do any of you fine people know what might have happened and,if so,what is the cure please? Thank you very much for you very kind help.

  2neat 12:24 10 Jul 2007

click here=

Might be of some use. My next door neighbour told me the other day he had migrated to TT. I gave an astonished look, & said 'god help you!'

  Stuartli 14:15 10 Jul 2007

Are you using a USB modem.

If so go to Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections tab>highlight TalkTalk>Settings>Advanced tab.

Ensure that nothing is configured to switch off after so many minutes.

I've been using a modem router for some time so my memory of the above route might not be strictly accurate...:-)

  Stuartli 14:16 10 Jul 2007

I'm with TalkTalk and am perfectly happy with the service all round and have been for about 10 months; the same applies to my best mate, who joined a couple of months ago.

  Stuartli 14:17 10 Jul 2007

You may need to Enable Always Dial My Default Connection from the Connections tab if you still have another ISP listed.

  Reb 17:15 10 Jul 2007

if you are using adsl modem if you open web browser & type username & password admin you will get alot of settings for your connection, there maybe something of help there

  Alan L 22:23 10 Jul 2007

Thank you for your kind help.It has been greatly appreciated. In the end, I went on to the Speedtouch website as suggested by 2neat to see if there was any help directly from them.I found a free upgrade for the drivers of my modem which I have downloaded and installed. Fingers crossed it does the trick! I too am extremely happy with TalkTalk and have been since its introduction last year which fell in line with the end of my then ISP. It appears fortune really did favour the foolish this time round! Thank you again and all the best.

  Stuartli 11:07 11 Jul 2007

To add further to the above point to check whether you installed the "up to 8MB" patch as well for your modem from:

click here

It's a point I've mentioned in other queries about TT's broadband service using the 330 modem - I've never used the Speedtouch as I continued with the Tiscali Sagem modem initially and then bought a £15 modem router, which serves me well.

I'm on TT's LLU package and consistently get between 6MB and 6.6MB; my exchange is 580 yards away as the crow flies.

  Angry Kid 11:59 11 Jul 2007

Good morning,

I have just moved across to Talk talk and I am very pleased with the support and speed of my connection. Current speeds are around 6mb as Stuartli has mentioned and I am around 475 from my exchange.

Angry ;)

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