TalkTalk/Tiscali Webmail Service Problem?.

  spuds 19:56 13 Feb 2012

Is anyone else having server or account problems with this service?.

I can use the TalkTalk broadband but not their WebMail or Account, due to a possible problem with Specified Main Server.

Just spent 43 minutes with TalkTalk Support, and they are now looking into it, and should report back within 48/72 hours!.

  muddypaws 21:03 13 Feb 2012

Not the same problem, but for the last couple of days TT ( or my PC) has been very slow to send emails. They stay in the outbox for 2/3 mins. O.E.

  john bunyan 21:08 13 Feb 2012

Spuds.No problem with e mail or webmail - I use Outlook, W7, and the Pipex domain part of Talk Talk.

  spuds 11:53 14 Feb 2012

Thanks guys for the input.

A short time ago I was able to get into my Account again, but the Webmail service is still causing a number of problems. But TalkTalk support, did say that it would take 48/72 to possibly resolve, and before I heard back from them.

Will tick this as resolve, and now leave it for TalkTalk's response and/or remedy?.

  Ex plorer 09:43 15 Feb 2012

Hi problems here also I cant send, and still having the same problem, I have had problems since boxing day with talk-talk. I have spent a great deal of time trying to solve the problem on the phone but I just got passed from pillar to post, no one wants to help.

  thumbscrew 10:55 15 Feb 2012

I'm in South Wales and for several days my emails in Outlook Express have slowed considerably...usually a prelude to a complete TT loss of service. Test mail sent to myself takes a couple of minutes before the "Sending Message" vanishes (Usually a split second) and 10-15 minutes before I receive. Their service status page lists nothing, but historically that's nothing to go on.....something's up methinks.

  spuds 12:03 15 Feb 2012


When I contacted TT support the other evening, it took quite awhile before the advisor understood that there was a fault, which finally met with an engineers report being activated. Apparently there was no service status report on the matter, even though he eventually admitted that there was a fault (been there before)?.

When I was told that it would be 42/72 hours before I would hear from them, I suggested that by that time I might have taken steps to change to another ISP, because I was getting fed-up with their service. I do think that I heard a slight laugh in the background!.

  thumbscrew 12:10 15 Feb 2012

Good day Spuds, I've been with TT/Tiscali for years and outages-especially email problems have been a regular occurrence. I'm thinking of the famous one a few years back which lasted a couple of weeks...even made the national press!The fact that the person on the phone knew nothing is totally par for the course, also their status page usually gets updated when the problem is fixed...until the next time!! And don't get me started on their phone help!!!

  spuds 13:00 15 Feb 2012

Apparently TalkTalk have had 60.000 new subscribers since they stated their new marketing campaign's. More suffering on the horizon perhaps :O(

  muddypaws 13:25 15 Feb 2012

This a paste from the TT Twitter site in response to poster Costello who can't send emails. So they appear to be aware.TalkTalk TalkTalk @TalkTalkCare


@lilactears Sorry to hear that, we do have an incident raised for @tiscali email users. #ttstephen

TT Twitter

  Secret-Squirrel 13:31 15 Feb 2012

Spuds, in case you've forgotten, here's what I suggested to you last month:

"A lot of frustrated Tiscali/TalkTalk customers use Mail2Web when TT webmail's playing up. They seem to find it works well so that's something you could try the next time there's a problem."

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