TalkTalk/Tiscali Unable to get email?

  spuds 19:54 10 Jan 2012

Do you use Tiscali/TalkTalk webmail, if so, have you had problems getting into your email/webmail account, due to a HTTP Status 500 problem?.

I have not been able to get into my TalkTalk/Tiscali account for two days now, because of an internal server problem, which TalkTalk are trying to resolve apparently?.

Any information would be appreciated, if you are or have had the same problem over the past 2 days.

  northumbria61 20:13 10 Jan 2012

Talk Talk Status Page enter link description here

  spuds 20:25 10 Jan 2012


There's nothing wrong with the broadband or telephone, its the webmail which TalkTalk are apparently working on, and its not showing up on the on-line service status. The problem is that TalkTalk cannot tell me how long the issues will remain. Its been two days the webmail service as been down for me!.

  lotvic 21:20 10 Jan 2012

My ISP is Talktalk but I gave up using my Talktalk email address as delivery is so unreliable. They seem to have a lot of problems with it.

My main email is independent of ISP, I use and Hotmail (and a couple of others) all of them Free services.

  spuds 23:05 10 Jan 2012

Thanks guys for the replies.

After being on the telephone this evening to TalkTalk's very noisy overseas call centre, and waiting 25 for a human response after listening to the same annoying music, and a constant interruption by a recorded message, on how TalkTalk wants to help me. I can now get into the webmail account, the only problem that I now have, I cannot open the emails in the account!.

I suppose that they are still working on it. So see what tomorrow brings?.

  ianmcneil 09:22 11 Jan 2012

I had exactly the same problem yesterday, encountering HTTP Status 500 when I tried to login to tiscali email....... previously receiving ERROR:SearchApp or ERROR:PSApp. Now I can login successfully but cannot see the index of emails (or Trash). TalkTalk customer service is a joke and I can't wait for my broadband contract to expire so that I can get away from this dreadful firm.

  ianmcneil 10:37 11 Jan 2012

Glad to say it seeems to be working ok now.

  perfect7 15:58 11 Jan 2012

Same problem-if you check on talktalk forum you can read the same complaints from others going back 6years or so! Cannot access/cannot delete/site self logs-out in the middle of emails etc.drives you mad!!!!!!!

  spuds 18:29 11 Jan 2012

No internet at all this afternoon, because the servers were down. Not sure when the service returned, so now to try and see if TT's webmail is now working?.

Don't fancy contacting TT's support if it isn't :o(

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