TalkTalk Speed

  woodchip 00:01 01 Nov 2007

Are you getting a Slow Download Speed today, Mine as gone right down. I am In South Yorkshire. I know that TalkTalk as got problems in YorkShire at the Moment like Telephon and BB not connecting

  Bald Eagle 07:47 01 Nov 2007

Yes, Thursday here in North Yorkshire it was the same. Worse if I use Firefox than IE! However, this morning it's fair ratling along.


  cocteau48 07:50 01 Nov 2007

Morning woodchip
Download speed was down around 25% last night culminating in a complete loss of service,both BB and landline, from around 20.00 to 21.15.
All back to normal this morning though.

  Spark6 14:23 01 Nov 2007

What are you using to measure TT's download speed and what speed was it last night?

  woodchip 22:17 01 Nov 2007

I use this to measure my speeds, click here I normaly get about 6.5Mb on a 8 meg connection. But yesterday it was down to just over 1meg. It looks like it may be back to normal now

  Stuartli 23:58 01 Nov 2007

Occasionally my TalkTalk LLU service disappears (about once every six weeks) for up to two hours - I've put it down to upgrading of the TT LLU equipment at the exchange.

  six-h 01:27 02 Nov 2007


'cos lastnight I was settling down to work on the net, and it went down, taking the blasted phone with it at 7:30 pm and didn't re appear,(I went to bed at 02:30 am)

the frustrating thing is that this only happens after the offices have closed, or if before, they seem to ensure that the phone is also off!!

How I wish I had Stuartli's wall to bang

  cocteau48 07:50 02 Nov 2007

It is difficult to get overly irate about the minor fluctuations in a BB service which is essentially costing you nothing.
What I do find astonishing though is that for a company who started out as a landline phone provider,(I had my own landine with them long before getting BB),and who call themselves "TalkTalk",have no way of letting you report a landline fault outwith normal office hours.
Essentially your land line is of far greater importance than your BB service - or are we all supposed to rely on our mobiles under such circumstances?

  Spark6 15:49 02 Nov 2007

What advertised speeds did you enter for the speed test in your link? I am on TT's Talk3 International service and the only BB speed reference in their Welcome pack is 'up to 8 Meg and 40GB every month'.

Have you registered for Dan's extras?

  Spark6 15:56 02 Nov 2007

I think that most of us would be prepared to accept 'minor fluctuations' but the loss of a broadband service for a couple of evenings is inexcusable. I say this because the line I'm on is the same one as the one I was on with BT!

  cocteau48 16:05 02 Nov 2007

I use two speed testers regularly. both are UK based and both come up with very similar results therefore giving you some confidence in the readings.
They are:
click here
and DSL Zone
click here
Thinkbroadband always seems to come up with a lower figure than above two but not a lot in it.

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