TalkTalk settings for my Belkin ADSL Modem Router

  97471 19:58 21 Aug 2006

My first experience with forums. Fingers crossed that this will help solve my problem.

My TalkTalk connection works fine with the modem supplied when I joined up. However, I want to move my PC to a room without a phone socket, and have therefore purchased a Belkin ADSL Modem Router (as recommended by TalkTalk sales person at Carphone Warehouse) which I am trying, initially, to set up whilst wired to my PC (the guide tells me to set it up when hard wired to the PC before trying to set up a wireless connection).

Running TalkTalk's Connect & Go facility, I keyed, and then saved, the suggested settings to my new Modem's setup utility (, password, PPPoA, VC-MUX, CHAP, VPI 0, VCI 38). I reopened the modem setup utility to check that the settings had been saved.

However, returning to the Connect & Go utility, it then tells me that it was unable to connect to the internet. Belkin technical support then provided some guidance (only difference was to change MTU to 1400) which failed to solve the problem. I have, as invited to do so by Belkin, written back to Technical Support in the hope that they can identify the problem. A response is awaited and, in the meantime, as I have been unable to progress further, I thought I'd try a forum.

Has anyone else experienced the same Belkin/TalkTalk problem, and managed to resolve it? Or is there an expert out there that can spot/suggest what I might have done wrong?

Any help would be most gratefully received. Thanks.

  ade.h 20:44 21 Aug 2006

I have not yet had any clients/friends/etc who have used Talk Talk - partly because of all the problems with the service - so I haven't got a note of the parameters. However, of those that you mention, the only parameters that are unique to each ISP/customer are the username, password and MTU value. The others are correct.

  FelixTCat 23:06 21 Aug 2006


Presumably the router you have is a wireless router?

Make sure that the phone line is connected to the router and that there is a microfilter on every phone point, whether phone, fax, Sky or anything else is connected.

Can you log into the router and check the settings directly? The router's IP address will be in its instructions and will be something like

Just type this into your browser's address bar and it Go.



  Strawballs 23:06 21 Aug 2006

click here Just found this on another thread hope it helps.

  97471 08:15 03 Sep 2006

ade.h, FelixTCat & Strawballs,

Thanks for your suggestions and guidance. Despite following TalkTalks instructions to the letter, I was unable to get my Belkin router/modem to connect to TalkTalk. In the end, I gave up, and decided to run a telephone extension to where I wanted to move the PC.

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