TalkTalk Server Status Webpage Discovered

  cocteau48 10:28 25 Feb 2007

With thanks to a trail of posters going back to the Thinkboadband forum a TalkTalk Server Status page has been found.
click here
Apparently many TT employees do not even know of its existance.

  Gwyn1 11:11 25 Feb 2007

Many thanks for the information, I am sure it will come in handy.

  dagbladet 11:22 25 Feb 2007

Genuine question. What can I do with this?

  Stuartli 11:46 25 Feb 2007

Check whether there are any problems with the servers, e-mail service etc.

My congratulations to cocteau48 - I've occasionally tried to find such a page...:-)

  cocteau48 12:02 25 Feb 2007

When their email server goes down it saves you;
1.Posting a thread on here to see if anyone else is affected.
2.Phoning the call centre in the forlorn hope that someone might know what you are talking about,and
3.Most importantly it lets you know it's "them" and not you with the problem and saves you mucking about with your settings.

Thanks but misplaced - someone else did the legwork.
Apparently this cannot be accessed through the normal website.

  Stuartli 12:16 25 Feb 2007

That will explain my frustrated attempts to find such a page...:-)

  palinka 12:23 25 Feb 2007

thanks cocteau48. It's a bit technical for me. will it tell me why my friend still can't receive any emails via talktalk? (see my thread click here)and if so, which bit should we be looking at?

  guesswho2 12:30 25 Feb 2007

Hi cocteau48, I've had a look at that site but I have to admit that I don't know how to interpret it! If you could take the trouble to explain the significance of "Ping, HTTP and Auth" it would further my understanding of computers.
Many thanks.

  cocteau48 12:41 25 Feb 2007

Sorry most of it goes over my head as well. So far as I'm concerned the fact that is showing red or green is enough to tell me whether the fault is with them or me.
Maybe someone else will jump in with the info you are looking for.

Oddly enough,before this info came to light,I emailed [email protected] yesterday asking him to please consider a status page on their normal website. I got a very quick response agreeing with my suggestion and saying that it was already in hand. Presumably that,when it is up and running,with be with a level of information which we can all understand.

  cocteau48 12:43 25 Feb 2007

"will be with a level of information which we can all understand"

  guesswho2 12:50 25 Feb 2007

OK cocteau48, I'll leep a look out!

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