TalkTalk server

  guesswho2 21:01 16 Feb 2007

I have been unable to access my Thunderbird e-mail all day today. Each time I get "connection to server timed out".
Is any else having a problem with talktalk?

  cocteau48 21:12 16 Feb 2007

You are not alone my friend.
TalkTalk's POP3 server appears to be having another one of its off days. This is becoming too regular an occurrence.
Webmail is also down but you could access your mail through
click here

  al7478 21:14 16 Feb 2007

i'm with TT and have had trouble accessing emails to my TT address in Outlook Express all day too.

  guesswho2 21:54 16 Feb 2007

So I'm not alone!
Thanks for the Mail2Web thingy cocteau48, didn't know about that.
Cheers al7478.
I got into my e-mail about 15 mins ago - at last!

  Miros 21:58 16 Feb 2007

I called on a friend today who told me she couldn't access her talktalk service all day, I tried on her machine and true enough it wasn't available.

Last time I called on her she had the same complaint, on that occasion I deleted talktalk and reinstalled it only to find that according to this forum when I arrive home, that there had been a lot of problems that day with talktalk in differen areas of the country. Seems the same thing has happened today.

This time I didn't reinstall has she has and old laptop which is so slow it is like watching paint dry.

I will have to phone her tomorrow and give her the bad news. This by the way of interest is in the Manchester area!

  cocteau48 22:09 16 Feb 2007

Yes it is back for the mo' but do not be surprised if it drops off again. The worst was last Dec when it went AWOL for about 3 days.
Fingers crossed

  guesswho2 18:03 18 Feb 2007

Thanks for replies guys.
I actually sent a moaning e-mail to talktalk (I refuse to pay for a phone call) and got a reply which was really quite useless. See: click here
It was sent by someone in Broadband Correspondence Support - in which 'Correspondence' was spelt with an "a". This doesn't exactly imply high level spelling ability apart from other considerations! OK I make mistakes in these posts, but to get the signature wrong in a professional note is something else.

  Stuartli 18:21 18 Feb 2007

I've had no problems collecting TalkTalk e-mails today.

  cocteau48 19:08 18 Feb 2007

No probs today (so far)but if I had £1.00 for every spelling mistake that I have had in TT communications I would be almost as rich as if I had had £1.00 for every time their POP3 server goes awol!

  missjosy 19:41 18 Feb 2007

My neighbour, like myself is a novice. Complained about not being able to access her TalkTalk email service.

I have Tiscali - BUT, do any members know if TalkTalk has a Status page? Say like Tiscali? If so, I could let her know.

  cocteau48 19:55 18 Feb 2007

Status page - I have never found one.
Once had an explanation on the webmail page that the server was down and if you phone the 0870 444 1820 no. there is sometimes a recorded message on there of any current problem re:broadband.
Please note that your query should have been posted as a new thread. Poor guesswho2 will now get an auto email about this post and it is not his question.

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