TalkTalk security installation problem

  Fred the flour grader 19:40 29 Aug 2006

Hi Guys,

My mother in law has signed up for the TalkTalk broadband offer. Last weekend she recieved the filters for the phone socket, the modem and installation disc. I have today tried installing it for her and the following has occured.

The disc runs and shows you the liciense agreement and then asks to install the security software. If you do not agree to the 90day free security, you are not entitled to technical assistance. I clicked to use the free included security software but nothing happens. I have rebooted the PC and started afresh but it stops at the same place. I can hear the cd rom running but it's as if there is nothing on the disc.
Any help greatly appreciatted.....Fred.

  ade.h 19:53 29 Aug 2006

Does it work if you opt out of the "free" security software? I'd be willing to bet that the members of our favourite forum would be a more valuable resource than anyone in an ISP call centre.

  Fred the flour grader 20:00 29 Aug 2006

I hear what you are saying ade.h, I use AVG and Zonealarm but my mother in law wants to use the stuff on the disc. I think she feels it will do the best job, I know there are easier ways. I don't want to go down that route though as she has chosen to use the stuff provided by talktalk.

  ade.h 20:10 29 Aug 2006

And for the sake of harmony, you don't want to argue the point, I would imagine, which is understandable. You have a couple of options; install some good free stuff - perhaps different to what you suggested and don't let on that it's not from the TT disc! (Bit cheeky, that one). Or you could browse the CD and run the relevant exe files from there, which may well work. Then run the CD, choosing to opt out of the software install (since you already have it now). No tech support (not a big loss, by all accounts) but a fairly happy mother-in-law.

  Fred the flour grader 20:49 29 Aug 2006

I am not sure what to run from the disc as you are suggesting ade.h. The PC that it is going on is a 2nd hand machine from her son. It still has everything on that he used, ie, AOL and all his programs and documents are still there, I don't know if he has something which could be stopping the loading up procedure. Do you have any ideas?
It's running win98se on a 1.6ghz AMD Duron processor, so it is upto spec for the talktalk software, it just won't run it.

  Fred the flour grader 07:32 30 Aug 2006


  Fred the flour grader 18:32 30 Aug 2006


  Diversion 18:47 30 Aug 2006

You can't get technical support even if you use the software, because they won't answer the telephone.

  Taff™ 05:00 31 Aug 2006

Duff Disc! Friend of mine had one last week. She has paid TalkTalk since April and because she works could never get Tech Support from home - basically you phone up and a recorded message tells you to call back later and cuts you off!

I tried to load it on my laptop and it failed. I had to e-mail them on her behalf and they just sent another disc which worked perfectly however by that time I`d set up the modem manually. Strongly suggest you do the same - Remove anything to do with talk talk from add/remove programs and start from scratch. Post back here if you need further advice or links to drivers etc.

  Fred the flour grader 18:37 01 Sep 2006

Thanks Taff, I thought it was a faulty disc as it would not work on my computer either. I am thinking of just using AVG and a separate free firewall for the security features. If however there are other faulty issues on the disc possibly, I will order another one now for her via my e mail address.
Thanks for your help, really appreciatted....Fred.

  Brumas 23:55 01 Sep 2006

Hi, Im Sam, I work for Talk Talk Broadband as a Technical Advisor, we are experiencing high volume of calls so i'm sorry you were kept waiting. Im visiting my dad(brumas), and stumbled across this posting.

My advice.

It seems the cd could well be faulty, I have experienced this before, it could be the build version of the cd.

You should be able to pick up a new cd from your local carphonewarehouse store, or they could send you a new one not a problem, just give talktalk a ring.

It is not really possible to install the security software manually.

What is the spec of your pc, as the software does have complications with microsoft windows 98 se and a fix maybe needed for manual installation from the cd. Hope this helps, any further questions Im visiting for a week.



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