TalkTalk phone number

  woodchip 13:26 09 Sep 2007

What number do I ring to get Help on My account? and is it working today?

  woodchip 13:38 09 Sep 2007

If I cannot get a number for help line, I will pop into there shop tomorrow as my BB is working OK I just cannot access my Account on line to register etc

  €dstowe 13:48 09 Sep 2007

Isn't it strange how difficult it is to contact telecommunications companies by the very means that they are selling and trying to get you to use more often.

  cocteau48 13:52 09 Sep 2007

Hi woodchip
I have got about four no's for TalkTalk and they all now end up at the same call centre.
Try the "contact us" email option on their web site (you do have to access your account to use it) - I used it last week to report a line fault and got a call back in a few hours.
Also if you register your fault at one of the CPW shops I think they guarantee a call back within 8 hours.

  woodchip 14:55 09 Sep 2007

That's just it, it will not let me login with my User and Password so I cannot do anything. half of the site just does not work like I filled a form in for help and it kept saying need more information. It just would not send. I have no problem with BB side it the stupid email setup they have that's no good, plus I have so long to register so I can use online billing or they charge a extra £1 to send a paper one out. Can you believe it?

In My Login it keeps coming up that my email password is not recognised in their system. Although it's let me setup my modem ok. I went live on Friday

  cocteau48 15:46 09 Sep 2007

Hi again woodchip.
Can you access the TT homepage then Help and Support and have a look at the "my account demonstration" in the "can't find it box" on the RHS of the page.
The email you use to set your account up has to be a pre existing email address - it is NOT the one (usually your phone no @ - which you used to set up your modem.
I initially had a landline account with TT and at that time had a freeserve addy and even now,even after going BB with them, I can only access my account using the freeserve address. They seem to be totally incapable of changing it.

  Stuartli 15:50 09 Sep 2007

There is, as cocteau48 points out, some confusion with regard to TalkTalk usernames and passwords.

The username and password for your actual connection to TalkTalk is

[email protected]

plus the password provided by TalkTalk in its welcome letter.

My Account is accessed by using your own choice of e-mail address such as john.smith and your chosen password.

Also, in order to activate your e-mail service with TalkTalk, you have to first receive an e-m ail from a different e-mail address (I already had two or three e-mail addresses, so used one of those when I first signed up a year last April).

  Stuartli 15:50 09 Sep 2007

I did leave a space before the @ in the e-mail "address" above, but it's not worked..:-(

  lotvic 23:14 09 Sep 2007

talktalk has 3 different types of usernames and passwords

1. Internet connection:
User Name: yourphonenumber @ talktalk . net
password: d9k7g6k3 (e.g. the password they sent you for your modem connection)

Before you can login to My Account you have to Register, manage your billing and TalkTalk accounts online click here
use a (pre)existing, valid e-mail address to sign up and invent a password

2. Your online account billing login a (pre)existing, valid e-mail address:
yourhandle @ anythingButNot talktalk . net
(example: fred @ freeserve . com)
password: you invent one for yourself at registration

If you wish to create a TalkTalk e-mail address, log in to Broadband Features Manager click here to log in enter the info as in 1. User Name yourphonenumber @ talktalk . net and password: d9k7g6k3 (e.g.)

3. Once you have created TalkTalk e-mail address(es) (you can have up to five)
You use it and yet another different password that you have created for email account login for both Webmail and Outlook Express click here

  Spark6 23:35 09 Sep 2007

As a TT subscriber I would like to know why they expect us to jump through so many hoops before accessing this information.

  woodchip 23:53 09 Sep 2007

OK I tried once again to Register. It comes up sorry not able to register details not found for Post Code and Phone Number you entered. I cannot put others down as they are not mine.

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