TalkTalk ongoing speed problems

  six-h 14:00 13 Sep 2007

I've just had a call from their "Tech assist crew",responding to a stream of complaining emails.
they checked the line and asked me to type "netstat" into the DOS window.
I had explorer running at the time with the following tabs open: - PCA forums: Router interface: and Gmail.
netstat responeded with 4 entries.
TalkTalk say there should only be 3 and this proves that I have spyware on my machine.

Are they to be believed, as subsequent runs bring up a variety of results seemingly depending on what is currently open or active??

  Dipso 14:25 13 Sep 2007

Interesting...I ran the command and got countless entries but I had recently being running Sky Anytime which is known to have peer to peer technology. I ended the Sky related services and the entries reduced to 4. I then decided to reboot my laptop and when I ran the netstat command again got 3 entries.

Have you tried running the command immediately after booting up.

I don't know the answer to your question but I suppose this could indicate something untoward is leaching your bandwidth.

Now I only have 2 one...?

  six-h 15:24 13 Sep 2007

doing a bit of "Back end maintenance" (painting the benches!)
I've just run it again, and got about eight!
And run again, four!
I'll try a reboot and see what comes up!

  six-h 15:34 13 Sep 2007

after starting IE, (Home page Gmail) seven entries
After opening a tab for this thread, Nineteen!
Think I'll run Spybot, AdAware, and AVGAS.
but I don't think that this is the definitive test that TT catagorically state that it is!

  six-h 16:09 13 Sep 2007

but followed a few of the URL's leeds to "Ad Server Status" comes up with a ping test, and says Port 80 open and accepting connections live - Google says unavailable, mis spelt,or nolonger exists. - part of AOL,, both lead to the google search page.

What do they call it when you put in a search term and Google returns only one item?
'cos that's what I got when I searched for "localhost :27015", but I don't understand the result!
similar search for "localhost :1039" brought nothing back.
Nothing really stands out to me as symptomatic of any problems, but hey what do I know!

  six-h 16:13 13 Sep 2007

It came to me just as I posted!
Don't know if that qualifies, or what magnificent accolade I might be in line for..;-)
Probably a Google whack around the ears!
Time to do some scans I think, though not convinced.

  Lindburgh 16:34 13 Sep 2007

Take everything which TalkTalk says with a pinch of Salt.

They are in trouble because they were succesful and do not have the equipment to cope with all the members

  Dipso 16:41 13 Sep 2007

Although I admit to knowing nothing about the netstat command I am inclined to agree with Lindburgh. As you have found six-h, every time you visit a site you get more of these entries...Talk Talk's latest "excuse" for insufficient capacity?

How long has your contract got to go?

  six-h 16:55 13 Sep 2007

12months, 1 week, 6 days, 7 hours and 12 minutes to go!
Just run Spybot S&D and it found Micro Billing Systems, 7 entries.
This is worrying, since I sucessfully deleted this pest back in June, and have certainly not been near any of their sites since.
Without "Fixing" the items found, I think it's probably best if I post a HJT log on the Malware forum, I would like to know if this is a new infection, if so, the date, so that I can check my browser history.

  Stuartli 17:20 13 Sep 2007

You have, with respect, written complete nonsense.

My TalkTalk service, which I have been on since a year last April, has been first class after one or two initial problems (due to the overwhelming early demand).

Re netstat - I've just run it twice and had four entries both times, with one or two others being added until the window closed.

My system is squeaky clean..:-)

  Stuartli 17:21 13 Sep 2007

The added items have since proved to be pop-ups, which are normally blocked by Firefox.

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