TalkTalk modem set up as LAN

  Totally confused 11:56 06 Oct 2006

Can anyone help me?
I am a new TalkTalk Broadband customer. I am using XP Pro SP2 and I have an ethernet Local Area Network set up with my husband' computer. I have been provided with a Huawei SmartAX MT882 modem. I have set everything up correctly and can connect to the internet OK, but the Broadband connection is showing as Local Area Connection 2 and runs at 10 mbps, ( the real LAN 1 runs at 100 mbps). Surely this is not right?

In device manager the modem is listed as a network decice, rather than a modem. When I go to run/cmd/nslookup, as instructed, instead of DNS or, it says ' non existant domain default server unknown'. If I try to manually input the DNS I cannot connect at all.

I tried to re-install the drivers but that made it worse & I lost the email account. The Talktalk diagnostic tool ran & tried to set up a dialup connction using the old modem.

The modem has 2 ADSL lights, Link & ACT. When connected the Link light is amber & the ACT light is mostly off, although is flashes at times.

Any advice would be welcome as I cannot get through to the helpline.

  spiker 13:16 16 Oct 2006

The modem is a network device, and it sits at address if you use the Ethernet connection to it, or if you use the USB connection to it. The USB driver installs a "Virtual Netword Card" and the default speed is 10 MB. As the broadband has a maximum speed of 8 MB, then that is already fast enough. The DNS for the broadband access is held inside the modem itself. Visit its configuration screen at or at (USB) and log in with user a name and password of "admin" for both.

  spiker 20:26 16 Oct 2006

You can set up your 5 email addresses at click here . It is quite easy to do.

To log in to click here you will need your user name and password that were sent in the letter from TalkTalk. The user name is your telephone number and It is in the format [email protected] and the password is 8 characters in this format: a1b2c3d4 - using alternate letters and numbers.

You can also ring the TalkTalk helpline to get the password for your account and an AUTOMATED system (no queue) will tell you what it is; but you MUST ring from the telephone line that the BROADBAND account is actually for.

Once logged in to the dashboard, you can allocate up to 5 email addresses of your own choice, and specify an individual password of your own choice for each one too. Your [email protected] is only your account user name and it is NOT an email address. You have to make up your own email address. You can have up to five. After filling in the screen to choose the email address and password, you will need to activate the account.

To activate the account you need to ask someone to send you an email message to your new email address, and the account is usually active after only about 5 or 10 minutes to do this. You might need to allow a bit longer at peak times.

Mail settings for TalkTalk:

I believe that the outgoing mail server needs to be

For incoming mail try, otherwise try or

To collect your incoming mail you will need to specify your email address and the password that you set up for the mail account. Fill these in, in the relevant boxes in the email program email account setup screen.

Finally, send an email to yourself. If it sends OK and you then get it back after a few minutes, then everything is working.

As for any ADSL modem troubles, the latest TalkTalk modem that they have been shipping since October 2006 has defeated a few people in setting it up. The instructions over at click here seemed to do the trick. Using those, everything was done in under 20 minutes.

  Stuartli 15:00 18 Oct 2006

The server configuration is: and

The automated username and password phone number (free on TalkTalk phone) is 0870-0875-562; these are for the logon to the website NOT for e-mail use.

You can activate the e-mail account if you still have another ISP's e-mail address, perhaps through a PAYG account which should also be used to send the activating e-mail.

  Stuartli 15:00 18 Oct 2006

TalkTalk's Help pages are pretty comprehensive if investigated properly.

  WeblinksOnline 02:54 20 Oct 2006

"The server configuration is: and"

Actualy the incomming server can be for yahoo.

And if connected with the LAN the outgoing server can be for yahoo.

It is only when using a non TalkTalk email addy when when connected by USB to the SmartAX MT882 ADSL or a TalkTalk email addy itself that both incomming and out going settings need be applied.

  Stuartli 08:26 20 Oct 2006

What has Yahoo got to do with it?

My configuration is as stated and is also used to collect e-mails from other ISP e-mail accounts I have.

  WeblinksOnline 14:52 20 Oct 2006

"What has Yahoo got to do with it?"

Some people have email accounts with Yahoo, Google and others. My point was that when using OE to download emails from other accounts then only the 'Outgoing server (S.M.T.P.)' need be altered when they start connecting to the internet with TT.

  Stuartli 16:13 20 Oct 2006

The accepted procedure in Outlook Express, which is what I use, is to configure other ISPs' e-mail messages to be Collected Using This Connection from each account's Properties.

In my case, as I now have an ADSL modem router rather than a dialup or USB modem, the connection selected in each instance is the LAN setup.

I don't use Yahoo, Google or similar (as with many other people), so your advice was somewhat confusing as there had been no mention of any of these services.

  Stuartli 16:21 20 Oct 2006

The [email protected] is the username, plus the supplied password, for logging on to the website.

You can easily check the Username and Password by phoning 0870-0875562 (free on a TT phone account) and listening to the automated service, using the phone on which broadband is provided.

To enter the My Account section of the website the username and password are the e-mail address and password you chose when signing up for the TT service.

  Stuartli 00:08 21 Oct 2006

>>As you don't use Yahoo, Google or similar then it is not surprising that you don't understand. >>

But the point I made, quite clearly, was that Yahoo and similar organisations were never mentioned in the original query...:-)

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