Talktalk mail changes

  J7CGM 06:31 09 Nov 2010

Is anyone finding that the new layout for the talktalk mail is no where near as user friendly as the previous version ?
I have to sign in twice each time & some features of the previous layout are not available any more.
Who ever designed the new layout should be sacked as it is pathetic.
When my contract is up with talktalk I will be ditching them.
Also talktalk never reply to e mails when you have an issue.

  howard64 08:35 09 Nov 2010

phone their customer support it has got better lately. If you have the tt phone line the call is free. 08700878038

  Big L 266 08:42 09 Nov 2010


I'm a TT customer and their new mail service takes a bit of getting used to thats all J7CGM.I too often have to sign in twice namely once to get access to my account,and latterly to access other services within that account.I wish TT would indeed modify and change this access system though.

As with all layouts,any changes take some getting used to,but thats the same for just about every website business.I agree that their whole TT website could do with a more logical approach if its to win us customers over and be extra user-friendly which it isn't.

That said,if you were to ditch them when your contract ends,and assuming you have an excellent phone and internet package as I do,you would be ditching what is an essentially good value for money package in a moment of anger and frustration.Given how much more expensive other packages from many other providers are,plus the aggravation of swapping a service along with extra additional costs,you could be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I attach a link to something within TalkTalk that you may find invaluable.

click here
This is a members forum of which I belong. You will see the benefits of joining where you can make your points about their website and many other things you wish to bring to their attention.I like this section of their website and it has been proven to be extremely useful.

I have found it easier to ring them and discuss directly with them issues you've clearly got.I have emailed them,and always got a response,but this often takes longer that I would like hence ringing them.

I have always been treated with great kindness and consideration by the many customer service and technical people I've spoken to since last February. Even if they can't always help there and then,I've often been rang back by them.I have found all of them very friendly and helpful and extremely patient especially thier technical support.

I do hope this will help.

All the best.

Big L 266

  cocteau48 09:58 09 Nov 2010

Excellent advice from Big L 266.

I would agree that.of late,TT do not seem to respond to emails sent via their "contact us"facility but their forum,which is monitored by their tech dept (although not 24/7), and their second line tech support could not be more helpful.

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