TalkTalk and Log On period

  Supertel2 14:04 04 Dec 2007

Hi there, using talktalk broadband, and a D-Link DSL G604T Router,I am limited to 70 minute sessions, fine no problem it all works fine. But when I log off after say 60 minutes, I have great difficulty getting it to log on again, switching the router off and back on sometimes helps, other times I have to turn the computer off and on. I am sure I am not the only one to have this problem.
I gave up using the supplied thompson ADSL modem because it lets too much rubbish through, my D-Link has a firewall which works very well.

  Kemistri 14:16 04 Dec 2007

Are you actually saying that the ISP connection is disconnected, by the ISP itself, after a fixed period of 70 mins??? I find that hard to believe, so I may have just misread your post. Routers are not designed for anything other than always-on WAN connections and will, in my experience, be in need of a power-down followed by a short waiting period, with all clients switched off, in the event of a dropped WAN connection.

  Supertel2 14:44 04 Dec 2007

Hi Kemistri
No they dont cut me off, I click on the connection and select disable to drop the line. IF I am very quick and then enable again it stays connected but starts a new 70 minute session.
My ISP will let me stay connected forever but after 70 minutes they start charging at the minute rate, up to that point it is free.
I was not aware that routers are designed for always on, I assumed that they could be started and stopped at will.
My understanding about whether the computer or the router initializes the handshaking and aggreements is a bit shakey?

  Kemistri 17:02 04 Dec 2007

OK. The clients have no control over the WAN connection at all. That's the host's job - namely, the router. Routers are generally left switched on and connected 24/7/365 unless the owner decides to, say, power it down at night or when on holiday. When they come back, they know to give it a couple minutes to re-establish the ADSL line and then connect to the ISP before they power up any clients. Waiting for the lights to settle, in other words.

Your ISP is mean, but you probably already know that! ; ) After all, it's bandwidth that costs, so they shouldn't care less if your connection is idle.

  mikesuther 11:31 05 Dec 2007

just a thought, but i use talk talk for my phone and broadband. we pay our line rental and our telephone via talktalk and our broadband is free of charge at a speed of upto 8MB per second. it is an always on connection and i have had very little problems. I would contact talktalk and clarify which package you are currently using. The funny thing is that our phone costs are cheaper than using Bt so the broadband was a bonus and obviously saves us on the line rental.

  Supertel2 15:37 05 Dec 2007

Thanks for your comments Kemistri, yes I know they are mean, and so am I. Re comment from Mikesuther, I have just verified with TalkTalk that all packages have a continous 70 minute limit, after that they charge by the minute, perhaps you have not looked at your bill very carefully? All I do is disconnect and reconnect, several seconds is enough and then start another session. But if I am not quick enough then the router drops out and I have trouble getting it back?

  Kemistri 16:34 05 Dec 2007

I'll raise that with my neighbour, who recently switched to TalkTalk BB (he already had the phone contract) - if he IS being charged in this way, I think he and I will both be surprised!

  Spark6 15:22 06 Dec 2007

I've been on TalkTalk's Talk3 International for almost 6 months now and have yet to run foul of the *70 minute limit*. What do you use your internet connection for?

  Phil78 21:17 06 Dec 2007

Thats what I used to do on dial up.

What package do you have?

  Spark6 10:59 07 Dec 2007

Your Mmmmm is dead right. The 70 minutes clause applies to telephone calls to UK landlines that are not on TalkTalk. Supertel2, if he has a broadband connection, is disconnecting unnecessarily!

  Supertel2 15:55 07 Dec 2007

Thanks everyone for your replies, I am on TalkTalk 3 international plus broadband,and have been for 18 months now, and basically very pleased with it. The biggest trouble was getting to use the free webspace for my club website,the settings required were hard to find but TheScream helped out.
I basically use it for doing my family tree, and general browsing, and downloads of course, NO video or music though.
I phoned TalkTalk yesterday and the answer I was given was that ALL calls or Broadband is limited to 70 mins per session, this is to stop people just leaving it on all day and night. Mind you I have slipped up once or twice and gone just over and it has not been on the bill yet!!!
I would welcome any comments from others if they see this.
Anyway coming back to my original question, the answer seems that Windows(2000) manages it all by itself and there is no ready remedy except be patient and the system will come up when its ready?

Thanks everyone

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