TalkTalk & LinkSys Wireless set up??

  nicgrant 18:10 12 Jul 2006

I have bought a Linksys Wireless G Gateway & try as I have, I just cannot connect through the Gateway. I have gone through the installation wizard that came with the Gateway, entered the settings as they suggested, but when I try to connect I get a message saying "Error 633 the modem is already in use or not configured correctly" when connected through the cable (i.e. not wireless). I fear that either the laptop isn't recognising the gateway or the settings are incorrect but I am unable to find out from the TalTalk website know which ones to change.
Can anyone help me, please?

  ade.h 18:16 12 Jul 2006

More info required:

What browser are you using?
Which app generates the message?
What client firewall are you using?
If you use IE, is it configured not to dial any connection?
What Linksys model?
Are all other network adapters disabled?
Are any connections bridged?
What OS?

  nicgrant 05:49 13 Jul 2006

Thanks for responding.
To answer your Q.:
I'm using IE7;
I have re-set my system (Norton GoBack to a wek ago & now can connect through the Gateway via the Ethernet cable to the laptop; however, when I click the wireless network icon (bottom right hand corner)I get a message "windows cannot configure this wireless connection if you have enabled another programme to manage this connection use that software".
I'm using the Windows XP Personal edition own firewall.
Not sure how I configure Win to not dial any connection.
I have the Linksys Wireless-G Model WAG354G v2 Gateway with my inbuilt wireless connection on my HP laptop.
Sorry, not sure what you mean by "any connections bridged"

  ade.h 16:26 13 Jul 2006

The Connections tab of Internet Options should be set to "Never dial..." or greyed out, regardless of what browser you use.

Go to Start, Run and enter services.msc. Maximise the window and find the status of these services: DHCP Client - Network Connections - Network Location Awareness - Plug and Play - Remote Access Connection Manager - Remote Procedure Call - SSDP Discovery - Workstation.

Do not attempt to connect wirelessly while the client is joined to the same router via Ethernet - I hope you weren't trying to do that.

Enter Network Connections and ensure that none of the adapters are described as bridged.

While your in NetCon, enter your WLAN adapter's properties and make sure that Windows is managing it. It's on the middle tab.

If it's not, and the required services are running, then you are likely to have ProSet installed and running. Find it in "Change or Remove Programs" and uninstall it. You may need to uinstall your adapter afterwards - as per my usual instructions about adapter software - but it should be okay, provided you run a cleanup after rebooting.

Don't use the Windows ICF; use a good network-friendly 3rd-party firewall or none at all.

  nicgrant 18:32 13 Jul 2006

Thanks - IE has Never Dial greyed out: I've run the services.msc - all services have status "started". I can't see any adapters marked as bridged, but not sure where to look for this in the NetCon area. I'm a bit of a brick, but how do I enter my WLAN properties? & not sure where I should be looking to see the middle tab you mentioned. I've switched on Zonealarm, by the way.

  ade.h 18:45 13 Jul 2006

If you're using ZA, you may need to double-check its network rules when you successfully make a connection.

Go into Network Connections again; right-click on the Wireless LAN entry and choose Properites; go to the middle tab; is the box ticked? If not, try ticking it, but be prepared for the possibility that you have adapter software. HP does not normally include Intel ProSet (I assume that your adapter is from Intel?) but any equivalent adapter - such as Broadcom - may have bundled software. Either way, it's problematic and needs to be given the push if it's present.

  nicgrant 19:56 13 Jul 2006

Thanks again - I must be thjick, but when I click properties on my "Wireless Network connection 2" I get a screen with only 2 tabs at the top - General & Advanced; it says I am using Broadcom 802.11b/g WLan; It says also This connection uses Client for Ms Networks; File & Printer sharing for Ms netw; QoS Packet scheduler; AEGIS Protocol (IEEE 802.1x)v3.2.03 and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) I've gone through properties/ Config, but can't see any middle tab. Sorry - am I missing something?
Thanks for your patience!

  ade.h 20:09 13 Jul 2006
  ade.h 20:12 13 Jul 2006

You will need to look carefully for any trace of Broadcom software other than drivers. As it's an HP, I'm actually surprised that it does not have an Intel adapter, so I do not know whether Broadcom encourages HP to include software as standard. With XP, such software is not only superfluous, but often problematic.

If you are unsure, could you copy and paste a rundown of your program list from Change or Remove Programs?

  nicgrant 20:42 13 Jul 2006

I've looked at the programme list - the only 2 I can find are "HP Wireless assistant" & "Broadcom Wireless Utility". Are you recommending I remove the Broadcom utility?
Appreciate your time.

  ade.h 20:45 13 Jul 2006

Yes, remove that one. Run a cleanup after rebooting. There's an outside chance that it may take the driver with it but if that happens, just reboot anyway and use the driver from your CD when the New Hardware Found wizard runs.

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